Will Jeb Bush run for President in 08?

Some people say he will….Others say he won’t. Well???

Who knows? A much scarier question is will people vote for him?

No he isn’t going to run, but too bad he isn’t going to. The Bush family is probably the best thing to happen to this government. Nobody will realize it today or tomorrow, but further down the road, what the Bush family did and is doing for this country will be great! Hopefully that dumb ***** Hillary Clinton won’t win the demorcratic canidacy. That would blow. And she would too!

He has said this week that he has no intention of running for President. Some think he would make a better vice-presidential candidate.
He is also looking a becoming the NFL Commissioner, although he says he is not that interested in that either.

I live in Florida and the other day on the News-
it was said that he is considering being the Football Comissioner -or something like that (not sure what that is -cause I hate sports -as well as politics!!LOL!!)

but he did say for sure that he WILL NOT run for Pres in 08 though he did not say why –

I hope so…Than a Dem would get in for sure. 12 years of the Bush family is enough Distuction for the world. the Teri Shiavo controversy should clue one into the type of President he would be!

Hope not just think what another Bush Bag would do to this country ! The damage Bush has done will take years to repair !

That’s what the rumor mill is saying. If he wins (which would be shocking), then I’m moving to Canada. Then again, I was “shocked” when Bush won the last election.

NO MORE BUSH’S my god wasn’t two enough to know that they are not leadership material. Both father and son have sucked, I would assume that brother would be as bad or worse.

I don’t think he’d dare run. With what’s happeneing with his bro, would you want to a) really clean up the mess the U.S. is in or b) face fire for what GWB has done?

No he won’t and he will become the next commissioner of professional football.

I have heard he wants to be the next commissioner of the NFL. I hope not on both points. No more Bush, thanks!

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