Barack Obama for president?

I really like his values and what he stands for. He has a great past and seems like he would be president for the people, but what he going against him. He is African American and are people ready for a black president? I don’t see why not. Second his name everytime its said sounds like Osama. You know…

I like him a lot. He’s quite moderate, actually, and the single best speaker I’ve seen in a generation.

Additionally, though some will criticize his short record, I think that’s actually an advantage. We don’t elect senators because we don’t want politicians with actual voting records. This make governors the ideal candidates, as they don’t pass laws, but merely sign them. Therefore, I think his comparative lack of a voting record will actually work to his advantage.

Finally, this is the first person I’ve ever seen in my life who made me think, “this man should be president.”

I like everything I’ve seen about Obama. But what are his positions on human rights issues? What position has he taken on the matter of torturing prisoners and on the death penalty? Can anyone answer that for me?

By the way, a really good, enlightened candidate is probably unelectable. The really good candidates will tend to think like a PhD, and the voters think like twelfth grade graduates. Thus they don’t think alike and their views are unalike. Hillary is certainly a pro-death penalty candidate, and this is required to be elected; she has a good chance of being elected. (No true liberal has been elected president since John Kennedy.)

He’s lame. He only looks good when compared to the rest of the Democratic hopefuls. That isn’t saying much for him.

Love Jack

Too Liberal, he will never make it in the red states, his values are not loved there regardless of Oprah’s opinion.

John Edwards/Barack Obama-I know Edwards personally, and this would be a ticket that would complement one another.

I am voting for condie Rice

eh, maybe. Badnarik would be a better prez

No, I like him, but its too soon. He needs more experience.

ZOG agent

agree with wizzards_23,100%!!

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