All Muslims should see this: Why are some Arabs (Muslims) racist to Muslims of other races?

I see this disturbing trend with many Arabs. Even those who claim to be religious. I also see it with many Pakistanis (Muslims) toward Black Muslims.

This is a serious issue, and we need to address it. Arabs go crazy over white people, yet white people (of course there are European Muslims. Here, I’m…

Its our faults, we have given Arabs the attention,respect and care they seem to think they are entitled to. Ive encountered many Arabs who hold such a mindset .

Thats why i never understood why nonArab Muslims takes sides with Arabs when Arabs HATE us for not being one of them. Look at the way they treat foreign Muslims in their lands, they traffick them, camel jockeys, hold women servants hostage and take their passports away.

Arabs think they are superior just because Islam originated from Arabia ,they think they are forgiven from their sins just for being Arab they can do as they wish in this life and still enter jannah in after life. Islam is for everyone , doesnt mean we should fall down and prostrate to Arabs. Its our faults , we have given them too much attention and have spoke out for them when they remain silent when other nonarab muslims are in need.

I am a muslim and i havent seen this before, but it is out there. I am white, have blonde hair, and american. Many ppl think that islam is 1 giant reliogion. But like christianity there are sects of islam. Such as sufis, naqshabandis, and many more. It is similair to protestants and lutherins. It has nothing to do with religion why some muslim ppl descriminate agaisn’t each other.

The KKK for example are a radical CHRISTIAN sect. They believe they r better than anybody who isn’t white. They ARE terrorists who live in the USA. But we call them racists, when they r really just EXTREMIST CHRISTIANS. Its the exact same as the taliban. They r morally the same as the KKK.

Now back to the topic of muslims hating other muslims. I has mainly to do with their country and race, not their religion. Some white ppl dont want their children to marry black ppl. And some asians only want to have their children marry asians. Everyone groups the Middle East together and thinks every1 is the same there.. THAT IS NOT TRUE. That is like taking all of Europe and saying every1 in Europe is the same because they r christian… French ppl are not the same as Germans, Romans, Scottish, or English ppl. Every country is different, and Turkey is just as different from Saudi Arabia as Greece is to France.

Overall it has nothing to do with religion, its mainly just a prejudice between countries.

Oh btw there are 1.3+ billion muslims on Earth and u said a majority of muslims descriminate agaisn’t each other. That would mean over .65 billion muslims hate each other.. Thats not true. And just cus u saw maybe 10-15 ppl being rude does mean the majority of muslims hate each other.

First the countries that you stated most of them are very nationalistic,especially Turkey and Iran,so the racism is not from one side,second how are they fighting for Palestine,I talk all day about Palestine where is my medal,nato Turkey?the United states of Pakistan?
I do not worship white people,nor do like blond women,I do not see other races as inferior,but I may prefer my race for cultural reasons,which has nothing to do with the colour of the skin.
I am not denying that we Arabs have racism,we are just like any body else.

i dont know about every muslim on this planet, but i do know what the prophet (peace be upon him said),
O’ People! Listen to my words, for I do not know whether we shall ever
meet again and perform Hajj after this year. O’ Ye people! Allah says, O’
people We created you from one male and one female and made you into
tribes and nations, so as to be known to one another. Verily in the sight
of Allah, the most honoured amongst you is the one who is most
God-fearing. There is no superiority for an Arab over a non-Arab and for a
non-Arab over an Arab, nor for the white over the black nor for the black
over the white except in God-conciousness. ,
Those who create differences are not muslims, according to our holy prophet….
Dont judge islam by muslims, judge muslims by islam

ok brother, i agree with u my Muslim brothers turned agenced me beacuse of a white non muslim(no offence) those who do wrong deeds burn in hell fire tell them this. be a good muslim ur self care about ur self u are the one allah swt will judge on judgement day

here we go again. ok as u wish, Arab Muslims are racist and bad people. satisfied?

@all the answers: OMG!!” i wish they rotin in hell “< LOL

so much hate i didn’t expect.

hey asker: why are u posting this question?

generalizing is not good u know. may Allah guide us all.amin

Islam has no difference in race or creed and all are equal and are from same parents.( Adam and Eve)

The key word that you used is “some.”
Yes, some are like that and they need to get over their bigotry.

That’s because their knowledge of Islam is limited, they only follow their culture..

Because of pride and one who has an atom of pride will not enter paradise!

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