Can Obama prove himself even more as a marxist?

Trying to rally hard-lined labor unions to push his health care bill. Wow!

my prediction…if you don’t belong to a union, you won’t be getting any good jobs.
pay the extortion $$$ or starve.

Hell yes! He has only had 8 months so far. He has over three more years. Our only hope is for the Senate and Congress to obtain enough of the other parties members to stop him. Even that may not be enough as the other party is almost as bad. Look at what King George has wrought upon us.

Marxist (n.)

1886, “devotee of the teachings of Marx,” from Fr. marxiste, from Karl Marx (1818-83), Ger. political theorist. The adj. is attested from 1897, as is Marxism. The adj. Marxian (1940) sometimes is used (e.g. by Groucho) to distinguish the U.S. comedic team from the Ger. political philosopher.

Every day will show more from the marxists in the white house. Just can’t get far left enough it seems.

Obama is following Adolph Hitler’s Mein Kampf chapter by chapter, sentence by sentence, word for word.

The similarities between Hitler and liberals like Obama is amazing. Their hate for capitalism, their non-believe in God, and overall desire to control peoples lives is something that you can’t really comprehend until you study all the beliefs and ideologies of Hitler.

Semper Fi

He has done everything but come outright and say it. What do we need for heavens sake? A map?


All you do is have to read his books to see what he stands for. He’s a radical leftist. It’s literally in black and white.

I’m so tired of seeing the word Marxist. Do the people who use it even know what it means?

Can you define a Marxist?

he is passing out the kool aid in bulk.

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