How do i really change/flush coolant on car?

I saw so many videos online and they all doing it different ways. my car is 100,000 miles and never had my coolant changed. i saw some video made it so complicated by using anti-freeze coolant, flush coolant, and some other product when changing/flushing it, and then flushing all the hoses and radiators. but some…

On most cars you don’t need any special pumps or other equipment to flush and refill a cooling system. Any parts store will have cans of the proper flushing liquid as well as a flushing kit. The flushing kit contains a fitting that installs in the heater hose to which you attach a garden hose to back-flush the entire system. Drain the old coolant into a container, install the fitting, refill the system by adding the flush and water, then start the engine. Allow it to idle and reach operating temps. Depending on how dirty it was let it run long enough to dislodge the build-up then drain it into a container. After its drained, attach the hose to the fitting then turn on the water and let the engine idle again until there’s nothing but clear water coming from the radiator. Then drain it again, cap the fitting (which stays in place) close the drains in both the block and the radiator. Now refill with a 50/50 mix of the proper coolant. There is no need to use any concentration over the 50/50 mix you can buy ready to use. If you buy the full strength coolant buy enough distilled water to mix it to that same proportion.

Also this is a really good time to check all those hoses for cracks.

The Best I Have Used
Is a Vacuum System.
Nothing Is Opened.
An Attachment at the Cooling Fill Port.
Then Vacuum is Applied to the System.
All Coolant and Air is Drawn Out.
The System is then Sealed and Held
Check for Leaks.
Then Coolant is Introduced Under Vacuum.
No Bleeding Required.
The Entire System
Including the Heater Core
Is Serviced.
Simply Start Vehicle
And Check for Leaks
And Cooling Fan Operation.
Very Efficient.
Check that Both Hoses Get Hot.
Firm But Not Hard.
Should be able to Squeeze.

Best thing to do is go to a radiator shop and let them power flush where they hook up a hose to the intake supply to the radiator and force clean the radiator. I would recommend changing the hoses and thermostat. By forcing the cleaning through the radiator the “junk” is all cleaned out. You might pay a couple extra dollars but a lot less of a mess and a through job.

what i like to do is first,take the hoses off the heater core a nd flush the core, i just like to see how bad it is first. then but the hoses back on and take the thermastat out and bolt the housing back on,take the inlet heater hose back off again[SORRY] and the bottom radiator hose off , then stick a pressure nozzle garden hose in the heater core again and spray,all the dirty stuff will come out of the bottom of the radiator,put new stat back in, and fil with 50 50 or 60 40 anti freeze

just flush it once with desilated water, theres no need to use any other bullshit unless you get dirty stuff or rust out of it. make sure you get the right coolant for your car and use destilated water. also if your car doesnt have a coolant sensor check if its fully filled after running the car for a minute or 2.

more coolant lower freezing point.

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