How to deal with an immature, insecure, cruel coworker?

I am an RN and she is an LVN but she feels like she runs the floor. I am young, bright and get complimented frequently about how well I run the floor and how hard I work. Lately she has been talking behind my back, treating me like crap; giving me attitude in front of other people. She talks down to me (especially…

Watch her, wait for her to make a mistake! next time she curses you or talks down to you file a formal complaint. When she gives attitude give it back if no one but her is there to hear it. If it was me she would have wound up as a patient by now lol. Fight fire with fire. Once you get on her she will back down. I once confronted a ***hole boss while shopping, he was so shocked when I confronted him then, and there was nothing he could do. It was off the clock!
Good Luck!

Kill her with KINDNESS! I’m in this same situation with a person I have to see 5 days out of the week. Remember, misery loves company! She would most likely love to see you fall. Even if she makes you mad, come in everyday with the same bright attitude! A wise person once said, what someone else says about YOU is none of your BUSINESS! Brush off what she says about you BEHIND your back. It just shows how immature she is. When someone comes to tell you what she said, politely decline the information. It’ll just get you down if you decide to accept it. Anything she says to your face that is rude and unprofessional document it! Also try avoid being in her presence as much as possible.

An AK-47 with two extra straps…

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