I found a 3-4 week old puppy on the street…advice please.!!?

I just found a puppy that looks less than a month old (about 3 weeks or so), and I can’t really feed him. I give him milk in a baby’s bottle, but I don’t know if it’s good enough for him. I have two 5 month old Pit Bull puppies (they’re vaccinated), and of course I can’t put them together…

Emergency Puppy Milk Replacer
1 cup whole milk (cow or goat)
1 pinch table grade salt
3 egg yolks – no whites
1 tablespoon corn oil
1/4 teaspoon liquid vitamins

Sometimes a plastic medicine dropper works better to feed the puppy.

I have a litter of 4 week old pups and the momma won’t nurse them at all. I feed the pups & if I’m not watching she will eat all their canned puppy food, drink all the goat milk & then just leave them crying. So I have separated them for now. I make her nurse once or twice a day. She will get up & sneak away if I am not watching. So I have cut way back on her food so she will begin to dry up. The pups are outside in a sheltered kennel with food & water and a insulated dog house. They are already eating dry too. They don’t really have a choice since moms being a brat. :/ But they are doing good. All are healthy. I did supplement them with Goats milk early on they are fat lil roly polys.

He needs to be bottle fed a special formula for infant puppies. Do not give him cows milk. His digestive system is not ready for that yet. You can get a special formula at at vet’s or a pet store. When he is six weeks old you can start mixing the formula with a little powdered baby cereal and then promote him to puppy chow. In the mean time make sure that he is kept warm and has papers to go to the bathroom on. He will also need water. Try him with a bowl and see if he will try to drink. If not, just give it to him in a bottle.

WalMart has puppy formula…go get some, warm it up and feed the poor baby. Keep him warm and well fed. You should get it to the vet ASAP because he is not getting any mothers milk for immunites. He will get parvo or distemper very quickly. Your vet will know what to do. Maybe he will even know someone that is willing to foster the puppy. I am a pit bull owner too, and if I brought another puppy in my home, Max would be very jealous because he is such a mama’s boe. :-)Good Luck with the puppy!

Petco sells canned milk for dogs which is nutricious and more-like real dog milk (than the cow milk).

You can offer the puppy canned (wet) food in another week or so (if he will take it) but I wouldn’t try offering dry food until he shows he has some teeth with which to chew it.

Good luck finding a loving home for the pup! 🙂

Best bet is to try to go to someplace that is open now and see if they have puppy milk replacer. If not, try to feed a slurry of canned dog food. You can offer pedialyte as well. Try calling an emergency clinic to see if they have some they can sell you tonight.

I’d hold off on the eggs, as they can contain salmonella and you don’t want to little guy dying of salmonellosis.

well, i would call your local vet and tell them your situation. Im sure they would be willing to help you. You could check out an animal shelter, to make sure innocent animals arent being killed of course, and that it is a nice place for a cute little puppy to live untill it can be adopted. Or if you wanted to call the vet, im sure they could tell you what to feed the pup.
Good luck with the puppy!!
(thats really nice of you to take in a little pup like that!!!)

Call your local No-kill animal shelter. They can have someone come get the puppy or at least tell you what to do till Monday when they could get the puppy. I think it would be better for the shelter to handle this one over soneome who doesn’t know.

make sure you are warming the milk like you would for a baby and if you are giving it reg milk dilute it some with water.. they make formula for puppies you will find it when you go to petco.. make sure you keep him or her warm and if they are to young you may have to use a cotton ball to make them go to the potty. good luck and you may be able to get it to eat earlier then you think by giving it canned or softend food dont push it but the sooner the better since its not getting moms milk and it will be hard for you to feed it as often as it needs to be fed

Well, since you didn’t do the obvious thing — like taking her to the vet, then it looks like you need to buy some cheap, over-the-counter, artificial puppy milk from the pet store.

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