Is this story plot ok? Names for a title?

I’ve been planning a couple of stories for a long time now and i finally thought of one i’m actually willing to write. I’m not going to say the whole plot, because that would ruin it. It’s sort of cliche and typical to start with but it has got unexpected parts. [set in england] It starts with a 15…

The plot is too complicated for a first story, so you either need to make it a bit more contained, or cut a few characters out because as it is, there are too many to even follow the summary, or maybe I’m reading it too quickly. The point is, as you write your first story, you don’t want to have to try and include this person, and then wait! I forgot to put this in, so I’ll go back and then, oh, I put too much there….and so on and so forth. You’ll get over your head, and you’ll end up hating what you write.

I would cut a little bit of it out of there; you don’t need to have fifty-million things going on for the plot to stay interesting if you develop the book well enough. Just have enough conflict, and one twist for the climax of the story. Make it interesting. Make your characters unique and funny. If you have too many characters, you’ll end up with Mary Sue’s and there is nothing worse than that.

Just a few tips. I don’t think your plot is awful by any means, I just think you need to come up with a more basic line. You should be able to explain your plot in one sentence once your planning is finished with. Once you can do that, then give the writing part a go. The plot has been used before, but when writing your first book, that isn’t a bad thing. You can read published authors perspectives on a plot such as your own, give it your own voice, and then end up with a clean, polished product. Sure, it won’t be the next bestseller, but you’ll learn so much from it that it’ll be worth it in the end.

Best of luck!

Uh, is the plot the fact that she makes friends with the neighbors and at school?

Um…what IS the plot?

Who fancies who is not a plot. It’s a bit of backstory. What _happens_ in your story is the plot.

What’s the plot?

Considering the fact that’s its you first book its very good.

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