My husband has been told that he is a “standard” risk to his ex mistress who accused him of sexual assault.?

Here is the history:

My husband’s ex mistress accused him of a sexual assault a few weeks ago.

They dated behind my back for a year last year and then he came back to her a few times to try and rekindle. She did try and tell me but I…

“he has been completely open!” so open that he had a mistress for so long?????????????? Why doesn’t he stay away from her?

You say ‘apparently’, so you don’t really know, it depends on how vindictive she wants to be or how stupid he is to keep going near her, sending texts and contacting her………….extended bail means the police still need evidence and you ‘think’ the file is with the CPS. Is it or not? I have to say it could take months and nothing may come of it anyway…………..what I can’t understand is why you are asking this and not him, he deserves what he gets and if that is months of worry so be it……he should keep it in his trousers, keep away and go and get counselling………….God you are an understanding wife!

Of course he has completely open, the police are involved. You were going to find out one way or another.So when he tells you about it it doesn’t sound so bad. What I want to know is where you all you stupid women come from? My wife wouldn’t give two sh!ts about what risk classification or terms of possible conviction.The mistress part is the only part she would care about. She would have kicked my *** down the road. The way I see it, she did try and tell you but you told her she was a liar and she was just jealous he would never chose her over you. Sounds like maybe she the one telling the truth. I mean he sounds like a charmer from his text “I’ll f-ing hurt u good and rape you bad, u wh0re”.
So why would you stay with this scum bag?

It seems to me that you are stuck in a vicious cycle where you are unable to do anything but post and re-post this story simply because it’s easier than facing the truth: That you are married to a liar, a cheater and possibly a violent sex offender. Because if you did face the truth, you’d have to take some sort of action, wouldn’t you, like maybe – oh, I don’t know – leaving the scumbag and having a normal life.

Please find a professional counsellor and get the help you so desparately need.

As it’s your husband who has put you through this ,he should be paying a solicitor to sort it all out ,instead of getting you to be investigator,researcher,judge and jury, as well as dealing with the emotional pain of what he has put you through in the name of love !!!

Why in the world would you want to be with this man or care what happens to him? He is a sick man, dangerous and I hope that he gets a jail sentence at the least.

I can’t imagine why you’re even still there. Let me guess, the NEXT time he cheats and threatens a cheap whore behind your back you’ll think about actually leaving him?

I don’t know the story here but I truly see one person here that is not condemning or criticizing the Asker, indeed appears to be trying to help. A tree is known by it fruits and you go girl…glad I know ya…

oh how nice he has been completely open, all he has done is expose you to heartache, i can’t believe you stand for this,
you are ‘married” to a rapist, but you refuse to believe it.

And you’re still married to him WHY?

What a psycho.

And I’ll ask yet again, why are you still with this rapist?

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