Parents how you do grocery shopping..?

I am pregnant and have two children. I need some idea’s want to eat during the day. Breakfast lunch and supper and snack that would be good to eat during pregnancy. Also how do you do your grocery shopping. Do you do weekly just get enough for a week or different. Also do you do meal planning before you go…

First of all, congratulations on your baby!

On the food part of it … plan your meals for a week. I totally relied on Taste of Home recipes and — without a doubt — my CROCK-POT. It’s the easiest thing in the world to use and there are all kinds of good recipes online if you don’t have a cookbook.

Keep it simple but healthy for dinner so it isn’t too hard to make. I’d make simple things with a main dish that your family can eat for two nights: Meat loaf with baked potatoes; salads with fresh veggies; baked chicken and fruit salad; things like that. Eat whole grains, too: brown rice, whole-grain English muffins and cereals, fresh vegetables and fruits.

Breakfast: I usually had cereal and juice or an egg and toast.
Lunch: A sandwich on whole-grain bread with deli meat and tomato/lettuce, fruit, yogurt and milk. I also ate a lot of homemade soup.
Basic dinners: Chicken and rice, lasagna and sourdough bread, pork chops and vegetables. Things like that.

What I snacked on during the day: carrots and celery with ranch dip, Laughing Cow cheese and crackers, nuts, South Beach Diet peanut butter bars (or granola), any fresh fruit, yogurt. (Hershey’s Kisses, too!)

Cooking bigger quantities also helped me when I was pregnant. I’d make a double recipe of a casserole and then freeze the second casserole. On the shopping part, I enlisted my husband to grocery shop for me in the later months. But if you have to do it, do it without kids!

Another idea is those “dinner station” meal-assembly places, where you can make a lot of dinners in one evening to eat throughout a week or two. I have friends who swore by those places!

Best of luck to you and baby.

We have 3 children and I shop once a week, early in the morning before it gets too crowded there! I do a weekly meal plan and shop accordingly. It has made such a difference! I used to just shop and then as the days went on, I would just look and see what we had in the fridge/freezer. But of course, there was always some key ingredient or item missing! So now, my oldest and I sit down and we list all the dinners we are going to have for the week, including the side dishes. I always get a few extras too just in case we have one of those days where what ever we planned just doesn’t work out. But for the most part, it has really worked well! As for lunch, I buy lunch meat from the deli, cheese, lots of fruit, veggies, and all the pantry type items such as crackers, etc… My kids love soup so when I make homemade soups, I make big pots of it and freeze half of it into smaller containers for other days. Our pantry is quite full all the time with tons of extra stuff too so there is always a big variety. I hope this helps!

What I do is try a new recipe every week, it doesn’t have to be extragavant just something simple and easy, and then buy all the ingredients I need for them. Just to change things up (make sure they are healthy recipes) I usually just do shopping once a week up to $100 each time, sometimes less because I live alone right now. Always survey your cupboards and fridge and make a list of stuff you need before you go, try to stick to that list.

Lunch Ideas

Chicken & Vegetable Soup
Grilled Cheese
Low Fat Bagel with cream cheese
Pita Wraps

Think light for lunch…

Dinner could be
Spaghetti & Garlic Bread
Rice Stir fry with Chicken or Shrimp
Chicken/Veal cutlets & Corn on The Cob
Shake & Bake with Salad & Rice
Homemade Pizza

I plan out a menu for two weeks and do my major shopping with the list in mind. I try to challenge myself to shop off of the list and nothing more! It helps, but I’m not perfect!!

I still have to stop by the grocery for little things, like milk on a weekly basis.

I buy all of my meat in bulk and divide it up into 1 meal size freezer bags. We buy organic beef from a family member about twice a year. I also buy chicken and pork in bulk, which I also divide into 1 meal size freezer bags.

We use a large freezer to hold all of our meat as well as veggies from our garden. This is a big help to me when I do grocery shopping, since I’m not spending a lot of time weekly shopping for meats and veggies.

Snacks we mainly eat fresh veggies and fruits but we also have cookies and brownies! Limit of 2 snacks per day. We let our children eat as much fruits and veggies that they want so long as they have eaten a good breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Breakfast ideas:

If you can stomach the smell of boiled eggs during your pregnancy, they are great for kids and easy to make.

1. 2 boiled eggs, 1 slice of toast, 1/2 c fresh rasberries.

2. oatmeal, fresh orange, 1/2 glass milk

Lunch ideas:

1. salad, sliced tomato, apple, sliced grilled chicken breast.

2. Tomato soup, grilled cheese,
1/2 c strawberries

Canned soup and bread and butter at lunch or KD. Sometimes I do cook, but most of the time I just make something easy. A good way is to make easy stuff for breakfast and lunch and make a good supper that will fill them up for the night. Maybe every Saturday you can make some meals that you can freeze and take out for lunch. Lasagnas, soups, cooked meat, potatoes…..then you just have to warm it up and serve it and do dishes. My daughter loves pancakes in the morning (don’t tell her my secret though!) Sometimes I make enough for two days and I keep a few in the fridge until the next day in a baggie and they keep fresh!

Hi! I have 5 children and I plan what we are eating weekly…I write all the days down & make sure that we have enough food to get by for the week. We don’t necessarily go by the days that I put the food by…we change them up. Sometimes we have to go to the store in between if we decide we want something extra lol (sweets that we don’t really need!!) For lunch, we do things like….
fish sticks, fries, and macaroni and cheese
lasagna that all you do is stick in the oven
tacos are also easy (or nachos)
frozen pizzas (we do little ceasars a lot too b/c it is cheap!)
basically anything that is easy…we do for lunch!

By the way, you should also look at…I used it a lot when I was pregnant.

I go weekly and have a budget in mind. I sit with cookbooks or online recipes I have saved to a file and make my shopping lists with staples at the top: cereal; milk; bread; cheese; lunchmeat; coffee; soda; apples; grapes etc. and then do dinners based on the recipes

Like this:

Pasta dinner

Whole wheat corkscrews
Bertolli Marinara sauce
Grated Parmesan
Cottage Cheese
Frozen Spinach

[salad — romaine lettuce; tomatoes; cucumbers; dressing]
French bread [butter/garlic]

(and by the way that is one of the more nutritious/delicious meals I make for my family — tasty and packed with nutrients. You can put some sliced pepperoni on the side if the family is not so into the veggie thing to sweeten the deal but my kids LOVE it)

Breakfast — when I was pregnant I made myself smoothies in the a.m. — yogurt/fruit/and either a tablespoon of frozen concentrate (make sure it is 100%) or a squeeze or lemon or lime. Some people also put in a bit of wheat germ or tofu for extra nutrients. If you need something starchy to settle your stomach you can have toast with cinnamon sugar if you get whole grain bread. Smoothies are also good for the kids. OR a cereal like Oat clusters or Honey Bunches of Oats or Granola or Total Raisin Bran with sliced banana on top. But depending on my morning sickness status cereal was not always a good choice for me. Ugh.

Lunch: whole grain bread with a slice of Swiss or Mozzarella (or Cheddar if you like it) with a slice of tomato. Lightly buttered and grilled (put a pan lid slightly smaller than the skillet on top of the sandwich while it is grilling so it creates a steam room while it is grilling and starts heating both sides). A salad made from fresh spinach; cukes; tomatoes; whole grain croutons; and salad dressing.

My kids love it. You could also do chicken or turkey lunchmeat with the cheese and tomato or of course have the tomatoes on the side.

So…I hope this gives you some ideas. Of course have some little carby snacks to settle your stomach/hormones (unless you have gestational diabetes but if that was the case you would not be asking us for dietary advice).

Snacks: fresh fruit
some graham crackers with peanut butter
hard boiled eggs
sliced raw veggies with Ranch
An English muffin with a little margerine or butter and Polamer All Fruit (Apricot or Blackberry would be very nutritious — strawberry is ok too)
Homemade pudding pops (make up instant pudding and get some 6-8 oz paper or styrofoam cups. Spoon into cups until 3/4 full and freeze with a plastic spoon upright in the cup. You can also do it with yogurt for froyo treats and/or add tiny slices of banana to the pudding.

I have a few recipes that I mostly stick to, so I am used to buying the basics for that. If I’m planning on having something different, I just add it to the list. I shop for two weeks at a time on a budget because that is how often I get paid.

Hi 😉
I plan my meals ahead for a week (but I don’t schedule them –I want to be free to eat whatever I feel like eating this very day)… I only go to the grocery once per week (unless I forget something which happens often)
As for snacks, the healthiest is to combine a fruit or vegetable with protein (cheese, nuts)
(Apple + cheese, nuts + raisins, yogourt and blueberries, carrots and dip made with nature yogourt… )

I plan my meals on a monthly basis and do my shopping based on my menus. I tend to make everything home made and attempt to limit red meats and use a wide variety of foods without limiting my menu to the same old things. For instance Mondays are pasta night. But we eat Alfredo, lasagna, spaghetti, chicken Parmesan, and all different types. Wednesdays are oriental night. We eat Sweet and sour chicken, chicken broccoli, home made egg rolls, Moo Goo Gai pan, pork fried rice, Peking duck or other oriental foods to change it up. Other family favorites are stuffed crepes ( depending on the meal stuffed with fruit or veggies and meat), pitas, salads, bacon dumplings, German potato salad, home made veggie soup, home made chicken nuggets, wild rice and goose casserole and veggie tacos with goat cheese.

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