POLL: What category on Yahoo Answers do you think would be the most embarassing to be a top contributor in?

I just saw somebody who was a top contributor in Handball, Made me laugh.


Top Contributor badge is given for regularity of participation to a certain extent. This is to inspire answerers to remain attached to Y!A which Yahoo is doing for their own interest. I hate this system of TC Badge which differentiates between the answerers. Many good answerers are answering only challenging questions and hence have no TC Badge, but are much better in their answers. Edit: Comments on your remarks: Should a teacher give less marks to a brilliant student just because he already has the highest marks in the class ? Should a cricket umpire give a batsman out lbw against a false appeal considering that having scored a century, he has enough runs ? In math and science category, BA is the correct and simplest answer and is easy to decide. But in the type of questions you ask, BA is not the one liked by most readers, but one that satisfies the asker and asker’s prerogative has got to be respected.

Probably “Self-Entertainment Techniques”

Wrestling is pretty lame, but I would feel super-smart if I had a badge in physics…especially since I don’t really know what physics is.

This one

Someone before me already gave the answer.

the answers and questions i see there, coming from both reps and dems, are insane. they hurt my head in a way unimaginable… even worse then those religion and spirituality weirdos

For me? Something that females are experts in… Hair or Cosmetics or something.

maybe Infectous Diseases

gay & lesbian

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