President Truman said “The buck stops here”?

Will Obama be remembered by “the buck stops over there”? Or is there a chance he may take responsibility for something before he leaves office?

More like–The Buck Never Gets Here.” Or, “What Buck–There’s No Buck to Stop!” Can’t even intervene in his own White House Tours. Yeah, right—–Not his decision nor pay grade I suppose?

I guess you missed the presidential debate where Obama said that while he appreciates Hillary Clinton taking responsibility for Benghazi, ultimately as president the responsibility rests with him. Were you out having pizza that night or something?

no longer a guy on my own. The Presidency isn’t one guy. Its a company. whilst it comes time to bypass out blame, the Republicans have plenty to bypass around. yet needs credit for absence and malice.

President Truman was talking about deer hunting. Obama doesn’t hunt, so it won’t happen with him.

Actually “The buck stops there”. [Anywhere but with him].

“I wasn’t here.”

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