Question for (national security) conservatives and liberals?

To those who believe Obama has made the U.S. unsafe: if no terrorist attack occurs on American soil during his time in office, will you reconsider your views?

To those who believe Obama has not made the U.S. unsafe: if a terrorist attack does occur on American soil during his time in office (God forbid), will…

Obama has not made the U.S. any less safe. If a terrorist attack takes place on our soil – and I agree, God forbid – on his watch it will not be a huge surprise. After 9/11 we learned a very important point about Al Qaeda and it seems to be getting lost in this argument. That is that Al Qaeda takes an average of 6-8 years to plan and carry out large scale terror attacks. We are riding on the edge of that time frame. They hit us when Clinton was President, they hit us when Bush was President. They don’t care who is sitting in the Oval Office, that doesn’t change their agenda or their belief that all Americans are Satan’s imps. If they hit us again on our soil it won’t be because they think Obama is weak, that’s just silly considering their past activity. I have always found it sort of darkly amusing that Bush advocates talk about how safe he kept us when he left our borders porous and our ports poorly monitored. If they want to come here, they can and they will. Members of AQ were caught coming over the border while Bush was President. How many weren’t caught? It wouldn’t matter if McCain or Obama was in office right now. if they have plans, they continue to form them regardless of whether a Democrat or Republican sits in the Oval Office. A change in torture policy will have exactly zero effect on that agenda – no advocate of that practice can point to one real verifiable instance where it has helped prevent a terror attack. What else has changed to affect them so deeply – on a practical level nothing at all.

You know, I have a rock in my pocket that keeps me from being hit by meteorites, and an elephant gun that keeps locomotives out of my back yard. so, obviously I will reconsider my views… NOT.

Keeping the fight off of American soil was never a good objective and is certainly not a good measure. Keeping the Taliban’s hands from nuclear weapons is a much better yardstick.

When the Battle of the Bulge was underway, the strategists met and George Patton said, “If we let the bastards run all the way to Paris, we could really chew ’em up.” Eisenhower decided the enemy would not be allowed to cross the Meuse, and the enemy did indeed preserve most of the forces he originally deployed.

That’s why I think terrorist attacks or the lack of them on American soil is a poor measure. Those attacks are impossible to prevent, and all we have done is make ourselves less free to narrow the attack window only very slightly.

The conservatives determine that losing the nuke directly to each nation that MAY pose a risk is a nice approach of fixing a challenge. Look at Britian while their naval officials have been captured. They used DIPLOMACY. WHO ever might have notion dipolmacy might have ever labored? I imply I’ll be dammed Britian used a few lengthy distance cell calls and a few fuel to move their persons again dwelling and the US good one phrase: Defecit (Look it up and notice how so much it’s now) – Bush merits a status ovation for this one.

No, Obambi’s attack on the people who protect America has driven some good people out of govt work. And you forget that some of the intelligence that we won’t get because of the wuss Obambi’s sensitivity will be used to attack our troops abroad and our enemies. Obambi’s release of info about interrogation techniques borders on treason.

Any patriotic person with two brain cells to rub together will understand that Obambi’s cowardice and dereliction of his oath of office will cause harm to America in the near of long term.

The American people will not forgive Obambi if we get attacked on our own soil under his watch. He is playing a dangerous game with our country’s security.

Nobody has granted the President godlike powers. I believe he will do the best that can be done while respecting the law and the rights of American citizens and others. Events are unlikely to change that view.

We will never achieve a respectable level of national security as long as we have no border security.

Obama seems just as unwilling, (if not more so) than Bush to give us border security.

If President Obama fails us like Bush did then of course it will be his responsibility. Until then I will continue to live free and enjoy the Democracy we live in.

If anything, obama has made the usa safer by opening talks with our enemies. He might of prevented a major attack just by being nice. “keep your friends close, keep your enemies closer.”

The terrorist threat has been rediculously exaggerated for political reasons.

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