What do you think of the US Supreme Court saying an anti-Gay church can protest at funerals of US Soldiers?

What do you think of the ruling made today?

They do have the right to protest freely. Its in the First Amendment.

Now, the fact that they do it is absolutely despicable, but that’s a different story.

No. the 1st modification is only superb as that’s. yet, bear in mind, only because of the fact some thing is criminal would not make it correct. Protesting at a soldier’s funeral could be criminal in spite of the undeniable fact that it is likewise an extremely unchristian element to do. It is going against the Christian religious works of mercy to console and convenience and the corporal paintings of mercy to bury the ineffective. there are circumstances and places for non violent demonstrations yet a soldier’s funeral isn’t certainly one of them. With love in Christ.

From a Government stand point I say they have Freedom of Speech

From a moral stand point I say they are completely wrong.

As a Christian I say, they are not a Church but a hate group posing as a church, their members are not Christians because a Christian would never behave in such a way.

As distasteful as I find the Westboro loons, I don’t know how SCOTUS could have ruled any other way. If the First Amendment doesn’t protect the most unpopular of speech, what good is it?

I think it’s free speech.

I think Phelps is scum. I think every citizen should shout down this POS and his inbred family wherever they appear, but he still has rights.

If we stop Phelps from speaking, where does it end…

Let’s just say that every time one of them dies, we can return the favor a millionfold.

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