Which of these two cars is cooler to own?

Before i ask i just want to add that i understand this is a very shallow question which i apologize for although it is only intended for argument sake!

My friends and i are debating as to which of these cars is “cooler” to own. i.e. the one that a girl would be more impressed with. its…

As a point of view from a girl, I think the 2007 Nissan Maxima is more sexier and simple for a guy to own.

As a point of view from the looks and model of the cars, I’d chose the 2002 Mercedes Ml320, because its more of space and more of a family car.


I would normally pick Mercedes over Nissan however this Mercedes is a soccer mom van and the new Nissan Maxima’s are pretty nice.
I vote Maxima.

First of all it’s good question and it deserve to argue according to me, but my answer will be Mercedes Benz ML 320, because generally mercedes cars are all of them have safety, secondly it’s luxury car if you compare it to nissan maxima and it 4×4 car.
i think best choice Mercedes ML320.

If your a young guy – Definitely the Nissan, The Mercedes would have “Dad’s Car” written all over it.

mercedes but with some awesome alloy wheels otherwise nissan


Mercedes for a guy in his 50s.

Otherwise, Nissan.

It’s like comparing apples and oranges…they’re not even on the same page.

The MERCEDES, hands down.


i dont think either one would impress the ladies

and even if one lady liked one of the cars better then the others not all ladies like the same styles of cars

so stop your silly arguing, it is a waste of time

Subaru Impreza STi!!

the maxima is nice

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