Why do most republicans think America’s republic of democracy will end since Barack Obama has been elected?

Specific facts please?

They think he will ruin our democracy
firstly, because McCain lost and they are still sore from the pounding
secondly, they don’t want to see a democrat succeed in the white house after Bush nearly ruined our country.

1. They think Obama is a socialist : Obama is just taking away the 2% tax benefits that Bush implemented for the rich and using it to loosen the strain on the lower class of America, those living their life worrying if they will make it to the next pay day. Our working class families are what drives this country, we need to have the fiscal benifits to survive in this economy. The rich can afford a 2% cut, when that 2% is a lot of money to someone with much less.

2. They think that Obama has dirty connections : Obama has never been accused of having relations with anyone that wasn’t for a short while. He denounced the endorsement of his former preacher, and he was only 8 years old when Bill Ayers was at his prime. He has undergone many thorough investigations and is not linked to any corrupt politicians.

3. They think he will forget about national security : Pulling out of an unjust war in Iraq is not forgetting national security. The plan calls for more troops to be sent to Afghanistan and Pakistan where radical terrorist operations are occurring. Iraq is a waist of $10 billion per month, but we can not forget them.

4. They think his education plans will lead to the end of private schools : If your rich enough and want a higher education, then private schools will still exist. I go to a private school and there is no threat of losing it any time soon. The public school system of America is failing and we are falling behind the academic standards set by other countries. Under Obama, more federal money will go towards public schools to pay teacher based on performence in the classroom. This will assure that teacher will have incentive to teach more thourouly.

5. They think Obama will destroy small businesses : Very wrong. By taxing big oil companies and stopping earmarks there will be more money to be givin to small buisnesses in America. Obama also is against the outsourcing of American jobs so we can keep them in our own country.

6. They think that Obama’s energy plans will fail : His plans for energy in America are nearly infallible in fact. He assigned a Nobel Lauriette for Energy to the highest position. Obama will fund the production of solar, sun, and geothermal energy plants, producing millions of jobs per year. This will help to reduce our shock from the 16% rise in energy costs that is expected in 2010.

There are many other reasons why Republicans dislike him. I think its because his plans sound too good to be true and all they can do is hope something goes wrong. As a country we have to support Obama though and hope that his plans will work. One thing is for sure, he’ll be better than our current President.

Socialism has already started big time with the $7 trillion dollar bailout of the banks and Wall Street executives. And today Bush approved the United Auto Workers bailout (with some conditions attached). This mentality of not allowing certain corporations to fail is pure socialism (or even communism). Yet other corporations are allowed to fail.

At least in a socialist country like Canada, France or the U.K. the taxpayers actually get something for their money such as free healthcare, heavily subsidized higher education, great pensions etc.

In the U.S. the taxpayer pays, his children pay, his granchildren pay, and they get nothing except higher bank fees and taxes. Oh yeah, the taxpayer gets to hear about banking executives collect huge bonuses, and UAW workers getting paid 95% of their salaries to sit on their butts and do no work.

USA should be called USSA – United Social States of America.

You’re high if you think America’s republic and democracy will end since Barack Obama has been elected. The erosion of democracy has been happening for decades, electing Obama is just like adding gasoline to a long burning fire.

because they lack the ability to think for themselves .they follow anything the right wing media tells them to think. they are just a bunch of sore losers and sheep.

mark my words. republicans are notorious for stealing democrat ideas. someone will come on here saying “keep drinking the koolaid” despite democrats using that saying since 2001 when bush was elected.

Because the laws are in place already and this chicago thug and his henchmen are more then ready to enforce them.
Hold onto your seats things will get ugly.
Have you read the un-Patriot act or husseins web site in depth?
Not a Republican.
I love America and do not want Amerika.
hussein is a puppet he is not scary just an empty suit.

MOST republicans don’t think that. I don’t, anyway. I would rather have McCain in office, but I seriously doubt that Obama will be the end of the world as we know it…..even though we might come close. 🙂

I believe the reason is because Obama’s policies tend to promote socialism.

I don’t care what losers say
apparently the loss has hurt them real badly
they need to recuperate and first regroup their own party
looks like Republican party is on a verge of destruction

I think you misspelled “a handful of wingnuts”.

And to the Repulic, for which it stands. One nation. With liberty and justice for all.

Does that sound like Obama to you?

You morons. Thanks for making the next 4 years a living hell for the rest of the world..

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