Why do Republicans think by putting Marco Rubio in front of the camera, Hispanics will vote Republican ?

Marco Rubio is Cuban and most Hispanics living in the USA are of Mexican descent.Unlike African Americans, Hispanics don’t think they are the all the same.They mostly go by nationally not Ethnicity.

Republicans don’t know the difference.

Its the Sarah Palin concept – the GOP takes an rather superficial attitude, assuming minorities vote only on ethnicity, women vote only on gender, and so on. To the guy spamming approximately PR: The voters of PR voted against statehood approximately 30 years in the past so why are you crying like somebody stole some thing from you?

Actually people called African American aren’t either, some are conservative some liberal some never ever were from slavery and many know who their ancestors were. Hispanics are not one dimensional either and you forgot Puerto Rican Americans when including Mexican Americans, just as there are now many who were originally born in south american countries. They mostly go like African American by culture and what they have brought to the American culture…art, literature, music, dance, education etc.

Unlike liberals who categorize people into mindless little groups who have to vote because of their race, or out of some sense of duty to the democrat party who hasn’t done squat for any minority group for the past 50 years but keep them in poverty, we ACTUALLY VALUE MEN AND WOMEN OF ANY RACE WHO ARE INTELLIGENT, KNOW WHAT THEY ARE TALKING ABOUT AND HAVE INTEGRITY.

Liberals will put in dolts who don’t know anything…just so they can say they are ever so tolerant…as seen by a president who can’t pass a budget much less live within one, or do ANYTHING he has promised because he either is lying and has no intention of doing anything he says, or doesn’t know how to.

The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), the Islamic civil rights organization, found in its 2012 presidential exit poll that more than 85% of American Muslims voted for President Barack Obama. muslims supporting a muslim. Nothing surprising with that poll.
Hilter knew which Jews had guns because the liberal Weimar Republic passed Firearm Law – 1928 requiring extensive records on ALL gun owners.

First of all, almost all hispanics will vote for him unless he runs against another latino.
Everyone votes with their race first. I wish white people would start doing the same.

The Republican Party is going to crash and burn with this guy. They seemed to have forgotten all about white people, the only people left who still vote for them, and the GOP is even losing them too.

Becasue he’ll be more known that way.
And besides which, they don’t need to convince hispanics, they are largely independent voters anyway.
Marco rubio needs to convince the blacks he’s their ticket.

Republicans also believed that making Michael Steele the GOP chairman would get them more votes from black people….and that Herman Cain could win over black Americans. Unfortunately, both of them went on to attack black Americans……with Cain even claiming that “black people support genocide and are lazy”.

he made a fool of himself the water boy sent to do a man’s job LOL

they tried with cain but soon got rid of him rubio is fast going down the same track

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