Why does not my internet download as fast as it is suppose to be?

I know there already two question on this topic but my problem is slightly (or completely) different.
I got DSL from AT&T, my download speed is 768 kbps, so it’s average. But when i try to download any type of file: game demos, video, music, .doc, etc. it only run at max 30 kb/s ( or 240 kbps) and go as low…

Youre not guaranteed for the service. YOu can get UP to a certain amt of download speed, you’re not guarantted it

for media files, it could also mean that the server it resides on is being taxed (meaning you may be one of a thousand people tyring to donwload that same file)

speed of download is affected
1) you (your computer)
2) your isp (connection)
3) bandwidth (your isp and the server you’re downloading from)
4) how many others are accessing that server at the same time

There is nothing wrong w/ ur internet service or computer, just your understanding of how it works….

Internet Service Providers(ISP) measure their transfer rates in bits w/ a lower case b, while your computer will measure the download speed in bytes w/ an upper case B.

There is a huge difference between a Kb and a KB.

1 byte = 8 bits. this also means 1 KB = 8 Kb

so 768Kbps/8 = 96KBps.

96KBps is the speed you are capable of holding at a stable level when you convert it to the speeds you see when you download.

Of course your speed will vary. Your ISP is providing service for your entire neighborhood. These people access the internet through the same access point as you. So if there is heavy usage, it will slow down your speed.

There are other factors as well, but I will not dive into them at the moment. You wanted to know if there was something wrong and u have your answer…which is no.

U can test your speed w/ the link below.

AT&T does not guarantee those speeds. It is stated on the contract “up to 768kbps.” During high load times, you will experience slower speeds than you would any other time. This can also be dependent upon the service you are downloading from and their bandwidth and loads.

768 kbps
I believe that is the bandwidth they provide you if i’m not mistaken… I am a ISP myself

Your information superhighway comes from a community which your information superhighway provider provides you with. You and all of us else this is procuring the provider makes use of the comparable community. whilst greater human beings makes use of it, the slower and the fewer human beings, the speedier.

ir depends on the computer on the other end too.

have you ask the provider??
Is it shared or not???

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