1993 Ford Taurus Won’t Start!?

So I bought a 93 taurus to use as a work vehicle and it started and ran perfect. I drove it to the store and when I tried to restart it it turned over once and that was it! NOTHING after that! won’t turn over or anything. brand new battery and i’ve checked all the fuses that i know of. what could the…

Could be the starter motor failed. Are the terminals on the battery clean? Is the car very hot? If it is it may start when it cools down. The battery charging system may be faulty but I would have thought the warning light would have gone on, unless the rat who sold it to you pulled a fast one and put a battery in it just to get rid of it. A car can run quite a while without charging properly if it has a fully charged battery. Get it started, a jump will probably do it, then get the charging system and battery checked at an Auto Zone or Sears. They can check the starter current draw as well. It’s a pretty old car after all.

This sounds like your alternator is bad. If you have no power to the vechicle at all but the battery is new, its your alternator. THe alternator charges your battery. The car would sound like its trying to turn over but isnt.

If you do have power, such as the radio goes on, your light go on bright and not dim, etc, then its obviously not your battery or alternator. THen it is most commonly your starter. THis happens in fords when they get around 90K….you wont hear any noise fromthe engine at all if its a starter.

it could also be a loose connection or a short though..most likely, its your alternator though. Just jump the car and drive it to a mechanic and explain the problem. Usually its a quick job done in a couple of hours….probably cost a couple of hundred dollars

if the car wont jump, then you know its not an alternator, not your battery(check for corrosion on the terminals and wires). In this case, you need a tow

till now you spend to any extent further funds with this mechanic, spend a while getting a 2nd opinion at another shops. See in the event that all of them arise with the comparable diagnosis. it ought to o.k. have been a mix of each and every thing it rather is been replaced that has finally bring about the actual undertaking it is greater desirable than probably the crank sensor. Like I reported, get yet another mechanic to verify your motor vehicle ans see if it nevertheless factors to the crank sensor. If it does, enable your unique mechanic finished the restore. reality of the undertaking is, alternators do pass undesirable. And doing an entire music up, with plug twine alternative after 7 years and over 100K miles grow to be probably long, long, long previous due. i’m having a huge gamble that your battery probably desires to get replaced, too. maximum are shot after 4 to 5 years. supply your mechanic the earnings of the doubt, yet ony when you have had your motor vehicle checked by way of somebody else. solid luck.

Check the battery and the battery cables again. Could also be the ignition switch or a starter problem.

If “nothing” means that not even the lights or radio works, then you probably don’t have a clean connection between the battery posts and the battery cables.

The main problem is that you bought a 93 ford taurus.

Could be the starter or a loose wire.

not a good car at all, take it to your local mechanic they will be able to tell you whats wrong, most likely a faulty or loose wire, check if your battery was installed right…besides that if nothing works get a Japanese car, more reliable and cheaper just saying 🙂

I’d go with the starter..

i’d have to hear it try to start. check your starter.

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