A close friend fears death and doesn’t believe in life after death?

A close friend of mine constantly worries and thinks about death. He was raised Jewish, but still thinks like an athiest. He says he fears that death is like when he was put under anesthesia for a surgery, and can’t recall any dreams or mind activity at all, nor any concept of time. He believes that death is…

Don’t give up your faith. Believing in something is good for you. Maybe your friend was brought up like I was. My parents tried to protect us from death,and never allowed us to be around it. If a pet died,they would run out and get another one just like it. Then told us it was the same pet! We weren’t allowed to even be in the same room when they were talking about it. I grew up fearing death. I am so scared of death, I couldn’t even attend their funeral. If I had,I would have been hospitalized for a week. And they knew this. But unfortunately,they unknowingly caused this fear. But yes,I do know there is life after death. For a fact. But it still scares me. I am constantly thinking of how little time I have left on this earth, so I am running around trying to get as much into my life as possible. Maybe it’s your friends reason for thinking that way also. Tell him to slow down and enjoy life because it is way to short.

Yes the Holy Bible, fasting for him and serious prayer. Luke 16:19-32; Mark 9:42-48;6&7; ( my favorite book Praise God Hallejulah!!!) Revelation 20:14&15. John 3:16-19 & 36; John 14:1-7; Acts 16:31; 2 Peter 3:9; Psalms 51-53. 2 Tim 2:15 with him as much as possible. As he will allow.
Tell him to read the book 23 minutes in HELL.
Plus other verses Hebrews 11:1&6. But that he must believe in Jesus Christ Himself and simply have faith to believe in the Holy Bible, and all that it says PERIOD! Mark 12:29-31; Matthew 22:37-40; Exodus 20: Deut. 5
2 Thess. 2 and 1 Tim 4 is the great Apostasy we all must beware of that. 1 Peter 5:8. I pray every day for all who are lost without King Jesus. I pray all this has helped.
Have a Blessed one with agape love for all humans from the Lordsoldier KEEP THE FAITH UNTIL THE END REVELATION 2:10

I’m so glad your sister came through such a terrible time, I would be lost without my sis! I can’t imagine what the rest of you went through. That said, it is natural and human for people to fear the unknown, so, I think, that denying that basic survival instinct is to deny our very humanity, our very basic “living creature-ness”. I will say, most people that have actually faced death tend to arrive at a state of acceptance, which alleviates the fear somewhat. One thinks to themselves, or at least I did “well, that wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be!” As most everyone here knows, I’m an atheist, but, I do believe in a form of reincarnation, I see death as a change, leaving behind this flawed, broken body that continues to betray me and cause me pain. If Christians, or any one else for that matter, were to stop fearing death it would not bode well for the continued survival of the human species. In other words, I think your original question, SHOULD humans, Christian or not, fear death is best answered with a resounding yes. Without that fear we would walk gladly in to dangerous situations that will, more often than not, kill us. Edit: It’s okay {{{Red Queen}}} I know you meant to! {Stupid Yahoo, I say that a lot, don’t I?}

Fear of death doesn’t always have to do with one not believing in an afterlife. EVERYONE has a phobia of something, and if your friend’s phobia is severe enough that he worries about it all the time, he should talk to a counselor or therapist to work out his phobia. The bible is not going to be much help. If he wants religon, then he’ll find religion on his own. There are plenty of people out there that do not believe in an afterlife and they are not fearful of death. And if you feel his nonbelief is rubbing off on you, then you need to re-examine your own beliefs priviately. I think it’s common to have doubts, but only you can make the final conclusion. You either believe or you don’t, and either way is okay.

Of course you love having faith. That’s why lot’s of people do. They are afraid of “non-existence.” The trouble is, there is absolutely NO solid, rational, scientific claims for life after death. Even more, there is certainly no empirical or rational evidence for any of the revealed religions claims to their “special revelation.” No one can prove that any divinity every revealed or spoke to any prophet. Everything in the “revealed” scriptures of religions could very easily have been concocted by pre-scientific persons out of their own superstitious heads and lack of knowledge about the world. Period!

Without credible proof there is only wishful thinking, and no one wants to “not exist.” But if there is one reality we are painfully aware of, that is the reality of death. Outside of that, we know nothing. Anybody can make claims about things they cannot prove: about God, about the afterlife, about UFOs, about angels, leprechuans, Jinn, devils, etc… Humanity has been doing this for thousands of years. The one thing that has been constant in all the changing claims about unprovable questions about gods and god is the reality that people die!

I’ve been under anesthesia quite a lot recently. And it is disconcerting to be put “out” and suddenly come back on, without any mental activity at all. However, if there is no nice life after death, it also means we’re safe from any bad life after death.

Imagine there’s no heaven,
It’s easy if you try.
No hell below us,
Above us only sky.

That’s a hard one because as far as I know the Jewish faith does not feature an afterlife. If one needs to get comfortable with that I’d recommend some sort of Buddhist mediation as a way to get comfortable with the void.

Ok if the person’s an atheist I don’t think the Bible will help the person. Just tell them that it’ll be like a deep, dreamless sleep. Comfort them in their own terms, not in the Bible which will probably only piss them off if they’re atheist and/or Jewish.

How could you “fear” death if it was just like under anesthesia? He fears “nothingness”? Weird, but apparently many people became Christians because of fear of death. Silly reason if you ask me.

Uh oh. God forbid you actually start opening your mind and thinking about things that challenge your faith. Well whatever you do, don’t quote him the Bible. If I were him and you started spouting the nonsense that that book is filled with I’d punch you in the face.

Give him some existential novels by Sartre and Camus and leave him alone.

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