Agree/Disagree? Men – easy to attract, hard to keep. Women – hard to attract, easy to keep?


You’re right about this:
Men – Easy to attract
Women – Hard to attract

But both men and women are hard to keep. It’s rare when someone is easy to keep because most people usually have something major to complain about the person their with.


Gone are the days when we stick with one partner from our 20s onwards and build a life with them until we die, in are the days where we all look for the perfect partner, which quite frankly, doesn’t exist. Relationships are about compromise and commitment. I disagree that women are easy to keep, I see women breaking up with their partners all the time over trivial things, as do men.



men are much easy going, women have problems with themselves,
if men had periods like a woman, there would be a new war every month.

I disagree. Those are generalizations that don’t reflect all men and women as a whole. Everyone is different.

Disagree. It can be hard not attracting women… -.-

maybe as a generalization, i could see it. in the past was always the one who was hard to keep.

when you find someone who’s really special you realize no one should be seen as “easy to keep”; that sort of mentality breeds lethargy and contempt. someone who’s “hard to keep” is rarely worth the effort.


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