Any lesbians or bisexuals, can you help me?

I’m 15 and for the longest time I thought I was straight, I only liked boys, I still do, I love the feeling of having him by my side holding me and telling me I’m beautiful, kissing holding hands, and hugging..I love it. I dirty text this boy sometimes, and I get majorly turned on. I had one boyfriend for a…

it seems that you are just curious

You could be bisexual. And… as a bisexual woman with a preference for other women (It isn’t absolutely 50/50 m/f for most bi folks I know) I can tell you that the visual-stimulus thing is NOT as significant for women as it is for men. Just looking at a nude girl isn’t necessarily going to have an effect. If the girl was somebody you had feelings for, it might be very different.

Being h*rny all the time (YA censors that in answers) IS indeed an effect of hormones. Getting worked up over well-written erotica (het, gay, or lesbian) is pretty normal. That’s the point of erotica, after all! Whether it settles down as you get through adolescence depends mostly on what your normal sex drive is — some people have a very strong one that lasts most of their life. However — at your age, a vibrator is your best friend, because having sex with someone you aren’t really interested in is generally not a good idea. Too much risk for no emotional payoff. It’s better to listen to your heart but make decisions with your head because sometimes you can’t tell the difference between real love and sexual chemistry (and yes, that’s the voice of experience).

You say you want a HUSBAND, specifically… Well, okay, but I can tell you, it’s perfectly possible to have a same-sex marriage that is every bit as fulfilling; my wife and I have been together over a decade and we have several friends who are also long-term couples.

At this point in your life… It sounds to me as though you’re not really ready for a serious relationship–because you get nervous and break things off. You’ll get less anxious as you get some experience; that’s natural and you don’t have to push it, you don’t HAVE to do just what other girls are doing. We’ve each got our own internal clock that says ready or not–and a lot of kids don’t listen to it because they don’t want to feel too different.

Focus on your schoolwork, think about what you mean to do with your life. Make YOURSELF the kind of person you want to be, the kind of partner you can respect. And don’t worry about the labels. The only one that matters in the long run is HUMAN BEING.

a million) Are you lesbian or bisexual? Bisexual 2) in case you're bisexual, is there one gender you like over the different? 50% the two genders. 3) How previous have been you once you ultimately knew your sexuality? 9. 4) How did others take this under consideration? have been they understading? uncertain. 5) what’s your commonly used area of a female? Butt, boobs, smile, hair, and so on. 6) Bisexuals, what’s your commonly used area of a boy? Smile, hair, eyes, arm, and so on. 7) could you nevertheless love your female buddy in case you found out she paid for a her boobs? helpful? 8) Bisexuals, Do you like having intercourse with women or boys? the two. 9) Lesbians, have you ever kissed a male? definite, as quickly as.

I’m 17, I’ve made out with 4 girls in the last year one is my best friend we make out quite often and we like it but I doesn’t turn us on like our bfs do, we both have bfs and they’re fine with it, (well almost anw) and I’m NOT even bi, staright as hell…guys guys guys, its a phase trust me =) if you’re a virgin I’m sure you’ll pass that phase when you do it with a guy you really like….the reason me and my friend make out is cause we trust eachother fully and both are boyfriends are in uni in a diff country so we see them once every 2 months…except summer holidays, and after a year long distance relationship you do want to feel lips on yours once everywhile when ur drunk and you can exactly go to another guy so yea…..don’t worry its normal, at our age hormones can do strange things. =))

this used to happen to someone i know so dont worry, it happens but they werent a lesbian or anything, but she got scared if she was going to turn into one though she’s liked boys and everything (i won’t mention her name) but she was worrying about it like 24/7 whether she really was a lesbian or bisexual and worrying if any boy she met didnt turn her on or anything
but she likes boys coz she kept going on to me about these two really cute guys in my english and physical education class and got all nervous and was blushing when one tried talking to her
so im sure you’ll be alright (she’s alright now)
and praying also really helps

bicuoiouse your 15. its fine. there are alot of things going on in your life in school and in your body. your okay just go with how you feel dont try to be like ohh what if how this. type stuff just be you and that should be good enough:)

I would say bi-curious. or maybe evan a phase lots of girls your age go through that process pls answer mine thx
good luck xxx

You’re straight, trust me.

Bicurious at most, if that.

maybe its just a phase? i dunno but your not lesbian

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