Are illegal aliens,hurting us?

I personally being in the medical profession, have witnessed the abuse of illegals and their children in our emergency rooms.while many uninsured hard working americans cannot use this system without harassment. i also believe they are killing our medicaid, education, welfare and housing situations. my own son has…

Yes, they are hurting our nation in many ways.
First, their negative impact on legal immigration. Immigration courts are tied up with dealing with illegal aliens, fighting deportation. The backlog for legal immigrants is ridiculous. People who want to contribute to our society, not take from it are waiting longer and longer. Those here legally and contributing positively to our society are facing delays in moving toward citizenship. Many immigration attorneys are assisting illegals more than legal immigrants.
Next, education. From the need for more teachers, ESU classes, free lunches, etc, many schools have had to cut programs and class options for American students. Our schools have enough problems without the addition of millions of illegal aliens. I know teachers who are afraid to fail an illegal, because their parent’s raise hell and threaten to sue.
Next, health care. An emergency room cannot deny care to an illegal alien. The government will not reimburse the hospitals for the cost of that care. The hospitals then pass the losses off to insured and paying patients by raising their costs. Local health departments in areas with high numbers of illegal aliens render free care, give out WIC vouchers, prenatal care, reducing the availability of care for impoverished Americans. Medicaid will pay for an anchor baby’s care for 18 years.
Next, jobs. If there were no illegal aliens undercutting minimum wage, general wages would be higher. The unemployment rates could be reduced. The money they send back to their home nations is money taken away from our economy. Estimates range from $30 billion to $50 billion annually is sent to Mexico by illegal aliens. Untaxed income
which could be better spent here for programs to benefit our poor, ill and homeless.
The last way they hurt us that I’ll address is crime. Statistically, less than 3.5% of Americans are incarcerated for crime in US prisons. Just under 7% of the estimated illegal aliens from Mexico are incarcerated in US prisons. Estimates are they commit nearly a million sex crimes a year.
95% of LA’s outstanding homicide warrants are for illegal aliens. Robbery, theft, drug-trafficking, identity theft. The burden placed on our police, courts and prison systems is huge. To argue Americans commit crimes to justify illegal aliens committing crimes is ludicrous. Their illegal acts are an additional burden on our law enforcement officers abilities to keep communities safe. A burden that never should have been allowed.

Yes! They are also hurting themselves by taking cheaper wages and not being treated fairly in the work environment because they have broken the law to get here. Everyone can hold that over their heads and make them pay the piper all the way home.

The only way that this can be corrected is by cracking down on the employers and politicians who are being bought by these same companies. The Democrats are leading the pack of crooked politicians who don’t care about the Hispanics. They only care about their vote – which they won’t get because illegals can’t vote.

We also need to secure the border right away to prevent the same people from re-entering. The catch and release things is ridiculous. Second time in they go to jail and then get released back to the Mexican authorities. If the Mexican authorities allow them back in the US, then Mexico pays for that person by receiving less US government assistance.

To all you Mexican’s who answered……
Its not a matter of your hurting us I guess the biggest problem
that I’m seeing is the employment issues..and the fact that our
country just doesn’t have enough jobs for the people that are
here legal or illegal and that is crushing our economy now more than ever. It wouldn’t be so bad if we didn’t have the clowns in office that we do. And ask yourselves this how would it be down there if the exact oppisite was to happen?
What is keeping the people of Mexico from fixing the problems within there country? As intelligent as most of you are in business and just day to day living I think some of you need to go back and help with resolving the issues they are having down there with the Government and security.
Otherwise whats going to happen is its not going to be any better here than it is there. And if it is so bad then rally for the USA to take over Mexico maybe we should have went there
and eliminated the crooks that are running the Govenment instead of going to Iraq?
All the Mexicans or atleast most that I’ve delt with or have know over the years were some of the coolest and friendly people I know and if I could I would help every one of you but
first you guys need to do something about whats happening
back at home coming here isn’t fixing the problem its only prolonging it….

Is this on an annual basis? Um…. if one person was paying $41,000.00 in taxes each year, wouldn’t that mean that they would have incomes of $300,000.00 for that to work? Oh wait a minute, I found some issues here. First, let’s address this: “the latest figures available ….. One rough estimate puts the amount of Social Security taxes alone at around $9 billion per year.” By saying “figures available” and “rough estimate” you are basically admitting that your information can not be proven. Next, it says “The agency estimates that for 2005, the last year for which figures are available, about $9 billion in taxes was paid on about $75 billion in wages from people who filed W2 forms with incorrect or mismatched data, which would include illegal immigrants who drew paychecks under fake names and Social Security numbers.” It states “…which would include..” That does not mean all of the people in this statistic are illegal immigrants, it means illegal immigrants would fall into this statistic. Case and point :”Spokesman Mark Hinkle says Social Security does not know how much of the $9 billion can be attributed to illegal immigrants.” I would gladly give up the tax dollars they bring in to save the lives they destroy. Do you know the percentage of drunk driving accidents are caused by illegals? I am all for people living the American Dream… so long as they do it the legal way. EDIT: Rose, I’ll have you know that I (a Caucasian woman) work a labor job and I clean my own damn toilets, thank you. My co-workers are all LEGAL immigrants. Who says that LEGAL immigrants can’t pick fruit just as good as the illegal ones?

Of course they are they are a drain on our legal system. They commit crimes over and over and over and they exploit social services, and contribute nothing to our society but to cost legal immigrants and regular citizens to foot the bills for all the costs they are building up by putting them in jail, treating them medically and any number of other things. I think they have to go!

OK doc you just solved the problem for us and the USA when those illegal people come for your help and you are hooked up the the federal system after they are cared for the first time as you will do willingly notify the proper authority’s and we will give them a ride you won’t have to give them free medical again. we don’t want a wall but we can’t stop them with force we have some one in jail because they didn’t like the way we treated people crossing our border with out proper documentation. I say turn him loose or we shut down the border permanently and shoot to kill any one who crosses it.All for one and one for All.

yes. my tax money is going to pay for services to people that don’t deserve it, nor contribute to the service (btw: i do believe in paying taxes…how else are we going to have these nice roads to drive on, or clean water pumped to our houses, or librarys and parks to enjoy).

all this illegal immigration stuff makes me mad. my family immigrated to the US through LEGAL channels, some of my family are still waiting to LEGALLY immigrate here and have been on a waiting list for 15+ years. MANY people have immigrated LEGALLY, so i don’t understand why some people feel that they are soo special or that their situation is soo desparate that it makes it ok to ILLEGALY live in the US.

and honestly…i don’t understand how the illegal immigration topic turned into a racial issue. because last time i checked an ILLEGAL means ANY PERSON who is present in violation of the immigration laws…it doesn’t matter if you’re mexican, honduran, chinese, russian, or martian…you violate immigration law, you’re illegal–no racial bias about it.

I Believe that its hurt as A country whole Becuase you dont seet hin happening in china and all thoese other placeses they look at the U.s and laugh

Financially , Educationally , Jobs & Medically !! Other than that , what else could you possible expect from illegal criminals that are sneaking leeches that will lie , steal , cheat , forge , fraud , false ID , anything to try and steal something that they have no right to, nor do they deserve !!

YES. I see more illegal aliens in court every single day for violent crimes than ANY OTHER PEOPLE AT ALL. In fact, I see more of them there for ALL crimes. As for the slavery, it’s just too bad. They aren’t citizens. They shouldn’t have any rights at all. They can go back to Mexico.

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