At what age do people start believing in a god?

No baby is born believing that there is a god so on average at what point do you think in a humans life do they convert to a religion with a creator and why?

Some people are just born insane.

Depends on their parents. I saw a two year old who had an “accident” ask Jesus for help. My kids never believed in a god, and they even went to Catholic schools.

There doesn’t seem to be some “inner drive” that leads people to believe. Faith is caught through exposure, much like a cold virus.

When they are old enough to start asking questions. For instance, who made the earth? how did we get here? Why are we here? Who created trees and flowers and animals? The answer to all of those questions becomes clear “every house is constructed by someone, but HE that constructed all things is GOD.” ~ Hebrews 3:4

When they personally become convinced. Usually as a result of conditioning and not inquiry and consideration. Many people never become convinced of any of the god claims put forth to them, so they never “start believing”.

The indoctrination starts at about 2.

Most parents that believe start indoctrinating their children as soon as possible.
Probably by 2 or 3 years old.

I would use the term “indoctrinated”, rather “convert”. Covert implies it’s a conscious, thought-out decision, instead of being force fed fables and scared into believing by the threat of hell.

4-6 on average, I’d say.


If you look at the psychology, you’ll find that humans are hardwired to see design. We instinctively believe in something more. The research suggests you have to be talked out of this, not into it.


I think at the age of 7.

Well I can’t say NO baby has been born a Christian, because John the baptist believed when he was still in the womb.

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