Bf leaves me after i break a promise to help him out financially?

I was with my bf for 1 year now. He had to quit his job 6months ago, he’s 26 years old, in his last semester of undergrad studies. I was helping him out for almost 6months now financially paying his car payment, insurance, credit cards, and allowance. last month i was supposed to help him but we were getting…

Wow he is using you. And you are taking it. Broke your promise, what a jerk!!!!!! You paid his bills, he has used you. Tell him where he can go!!!!

Sounds to me like he was using you, and using your relationshipship as the leverage to do so.

Move on! I completly understand the desire to help somebody, especially somebody that you are romantic with. But you have to be careful. Some people will take advantage of it in a heartbeat.

Don’t give your ex a way back in. Next time he calls you, tell him you are fed up not just with financially supporting him, but his ungratefulness and his unfair expectations that it continue. Tell him how unfair it is that he used the relationship as blackmail to keep you financially supporting him. (And that is blackmail by the way: “If you don’t pay this, i’ll do that” )

Obviously you care for him, or you wouldn’t have let this go this far. But unfortunately, all you can do now is cut your losses and walk away. If he truly cared about you he would be appreciative of everything that you have already done for him and he would be finding alternative means to pay his bills as to not put you in a bind (because that is what we do for people we care about). Also, he would not be so selfish and realize what you are going through yourself.

Walk away girl! There is no reason why you should have to put up with the way he is treating you.

I cannot believe you are so blindly in love that you fail to see how one sided this relationship is. You doing the giving and him doing the taking. He is using you and does not think twice about it and plus does not show any appreciation for all you have already done for him. No one should be expected to make financial promises to anyone. He is using this promise as a manipulation to get you to GIVE him more money. I say GIVE not LEND because he is never going to pay you back. The real problems here is why it is you feel you need to buy someone else’s love?

Girl please. Obviously he was using you to pay off his bills and I do not understand why is it that you don’t see it that way. It is soooooooooooo easy to tell someone you love them and not mean it. He obviously didn’t show it by his attitude. It is a garantee if you take him back he will continue to use you until he is done with you. You owe this man absolutely nothing because 1) he isn’t your family, 2) you aren’t married to him. Yes promises are to be kept but sometimes due to circumstances they can be broken. You paying for all his bills doesn’t cut it. You do not need a man that will treat you that way and I know that you can do better. Next time, you be the one that do not answer the phone and do not see him and you will save both your pride, self esteem and your heart.

OMG hon I am so sorry. You cannot actually think that this guy is in love with you right. You’re dealing with a death and the paperwork involved with death and basically the only time he talks to you is to demand money from you. I just want to shake you right now!!! You did NOTHING wrong, this dumb *** guy is a jerk and is only dating you for your money. What kind of reply is “we’ll see after you go to the bank.” You are not his mother and it is not your responsibility to take care of this guy financially.

Take your money and go out with your friends and find a REAL man. Get rid of this deadbeat. He is just using you and you deserve better than that. Good luck to you.

Yes it was your fault.

Should he have expected that money from you? No. Should he have used you to pay his bills? No.

But the minute you made a promise to him that you would, you made yourself obligated to him. You don’t promise someone and then turn your back. You were using your money as a way to keep him with you by making promises you knew you couldn’t keep.

Let this be a lesson that you never help a man out financially unless you are married to him. And if you are going to make a promise then you should follow through on them.

What a loser! DO NOT lend him money. It’s quite obvious that he is in love with your ability to give him cash, not with you.

You deserve better. YOU need to be done with HIM. Tell him to go to the bank and get a loan! And next time you tell someone that you won’t speak to them if they hang up, stand by it. Why in the world did you give him the satisfaction of trying to call him right back? He called your bluff. Don’t let him do that!

Hon get together your bank statements and proof of all you paid for this loser and take him to small claims court. You could recoup up to $5,000.
No way he loves you. He loves going to school and having a car with insurance and eating.
When he has the degree and seeks good employment he will leave you in the dust. Oh, he all ready has–wake up, deal with pain and get a new and improved life without this USER!

He is just using you. If he truly loved you he would never leave you for not paying his way, promise or not. Get away from him and take care of your own stuff. There are plenty of great guys out there that won’t treat you like an ATM.

sounds like he was just using you. you are better off without him. sounds liek he was just with you for the money. you done a good thing and got rid of him. way to go. it wasn’t your fault. he should of hung in there till you got a chance to go to the bank. if he knows what you are going thru he couldn’t of helped you out and waited. you don’t need him. if he calls you again asking for money tell him that the bank is broke… good luck

OMG! Stop supporting him! Sounds to me like all he wants is your money anyways. Leave him and move on. Supporting a HUSBAND or WIFE is one thing, but supporting a boyfriend, sorry, I worked my a@# off for years to support myself, so no way would I give that up to some mooching boyfriend. Take care of yourself and leave that loser. He’s 26, he should be stable by now. You stay with him your aksing for a long life of YOU working so he can be lazy.

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