Car shakes and white smoke coming from exhaust, whats causing this?

I own a 1997 Nissan Maxima. was running smooth until the other day when i started it and the car started to shake, worried i stepped out of my car and noticed white smoke coming from the tailpipe and upon further inspection noticed the smoke smells of gas. whenever i rev my engine a lot of smoke comes out. ive…

White smoke only means 2 things either its evaporation caused by water being in ur tail pipe or ur burning coolant if there is white smoke constantly chances are it is coolant u either have a crack on a cylinder wall or u blew ur head gasket as for the shaking it could be anything depending what ur doing when it starts shaking either way u need to take it to a shop. Check ur coolant level

Hi. I stopped working on cars a while ago so I am not sure of any modifications of engines since I used to do the maintenance. If your car was older I would say that the diaphragm in the oil pump was allowing oil and gas to mix with each other. This would foul the plugs which would account for the shaking (misfires). The white smoke might be oil passing through the system due to the oil pump problem. Good Luck.

Cracked or damaged piston rings, its burning oil. Spark plugs are supposed to smell like gas, they burn it. Disregard all of this if the power of engine still seems the same and doesn’t show a noticeable difference in power or acceleration.

Did you recently overheat it? To me it sounds like you have a bad head gasket. The shaking would be water in your cylinders, and that white smoke is it sweet smelling?…another cause could be the lower intake manifold gaskets typically the 3.8 had this issue but other motors did as well.

2001 Nissan Maxima White

Check or have checked your catalytic converter

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