Christians: If the bible said being left-handed is a sin, would you love lefties but “hate their sin”?

And keep in mind that lefties CHOOSE to write with their left hands. No one ever forced them to pick up the pencil with their left hand. They can easily put it in their right hand.

That’s why they have camps for confused young teens who think they might be lefties. Through the Lord’s teachings, they learn to be socially acceptable right-handed people. 100% success rate.

First time I hear this bull story, and I’ve been left handed from birth. You try to write with your left hand. Just feels awkward, right? Most lefties are more ambidextrous than any right handed person can wish for. If your hypothesis is correct, eleven percent of the world population are sinners, even those that never heard of a/the bible! You chose to be a girl?

I am left-handed, and i cannot deny this makes me sinister………..

Main Entry: sin·is·ter
Pronunciation: \ˈsi-nəs-tər, archaic sə-ˈnis-\
Function: adjective
Etymology: Middle English sinistre, from Anglo-French senestre on the left, from Latin sinistr-, sinister on the left side, unlucky, inauspicious
Date: 15th century
1 archaic : unfavorable, unlucky
2 archaic : fraudulent
3 : singularly evil or productive of evil
4 a : of, relating to, or situated to the left or on the left side of something; especially : being or relating to the side of a heraldic shield at the left of the person bearing it b : of ill omen by reason of being on the left
5 : presaging ill fortune or trouble
6 : accompanied by or leading to disaster

Why would being left-handed ppl be a sin?
That jus wouldnt make any sense..Yet im left-handed.

P.S – Not a Christian,Sorry.

Your contrafactual, as clever as it is, assumes that which it sets out to prove: that the “sins” in the Bible are arbitrary fabrications.

It would be like denouncing number theory by stating: Oh, I suppose if you proved from peano’s postulates that 2+2=5, you’d believe it, eh?

Nice try though. Very very clever.

The Bible was written by people, and inspired by God.

So technically, it would have been a person’s opinion, and honestly, I’d rather go with God’s. And to me, God loves everyone, whether or not they sin. I sin. You sin. We all sin. Even the fanatic Christians ( and they frickin annoy me)

I may be a Christian, but I won’t just blindly listen to a book.

maybe i became atheist because i write with my left hand. it was a thing of persecution before. lefties werent allowed to use their left hand in a dominant fashion. so sad 🙁

Almost everyone here is stupid and can’t take a hint. You’re alluding to Christians thinking homosexuality is a sin, aren’t you? And how it’s not their fault.

I take it you never went to a catholic school where the nuns smacked people with a ruler when they tried to write with their left hand – its the devils hand.

i’m left exceeded. i replaced into knowledgeable and disciplined by making use of Catholic nuns, and that they tried to tutor me the thank you to jot down with my appropriate hand. I discovered a splash, yet went decrease back to writing left exceeded. in addition they tried to tutor me the suitable thank you to jot down left exceeded, that’s to jot down in direction of your self. I prefered to jot down removed from myself and drag my hand interior the path of the ink. while it replaced into warm it replaced into fairly a multitude, and extremely complicated to study. in general, sin potential to err or ‘pass over the mark’, and that i replaced into doing basically that. while i replaced right into a sophomore in severe college, I broke my left hand and discovered to jot down with my appropriate hand. while it replaced into healed, I went decrease back to writing with my left hand as a results of fact I like it. the element i’m attempting to make is that I genuinely have a call, I genuinely have a call. i don’t have a chip on my shoulder as a results of fact some nun tried to tutor me the thank you to jot down without making a multitude. I genuinely have additionally discovered over the years that the females i’m maximum involved in look distinctive hardship. whilst my possibilities have not replaced, I genuinely have started to work out females who i’m not initially all that involved in, and that i’m having lots greater useful effects. i visit concede that a gay can not exchange who they are involved in anymore than a heterosexual can, yet that would not propose that they haven’t any decision in changing their habit. Deep down, christians do not probably hate homosexuality, they worry the implications of the habit. Homosexuals are demise off at an alarming value. The median age of demise for homosexuals is the comparable national and universal decrease than 2% stay to tell the tale to previous age. Rectal intercourse is likely one in each and every of the main sexually effective thank you to unfold hepatitus B, HIV, syphillis and a selection of of alternative blood-born ailments. in accordance to the CDC the share of homosexuals reporting having had anal intercourse is increasing whilst the share reporting consistently making use of a condom is declining. If the bible suggested it replaced right into a sin to be left exceeded and being left exceeded replaced into as unfavorable on your well-being as homosexuality is then christians could manage left exceeded people the comparable way.

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