Do guys hug other guys?

The questions is referring to a situation wherein two friends haven’t seen each other for awhile so do guys hug or do they hit each other on the shoulder or something?

ya they hug each other some ppl pat their shoulders too.its very common.

Wow, I’m not alone. I give all my male friends hugs. Makes me feel better or I’m showing how much they mean to me (not in a gay way). I’m not gay though, I have a sexy and wonderful girlfriend. The only reason it’s weird is because of the times we’re in. If you hugged a guy back then, no one would think nothing of it.

Hugging guys is entirely different to hugging a girl. When you hug a girl you aim to hold her body so you make full contact. When you hug a guy you aim to hug his chest like a bro-bump, you never EVER press your crotch together.

hugging is the best thing to do

Hi eva

Depends on how long they havnt seen each other and how close they are. If would expect them to do that man hug thing ?

Bacca xx

Well it’s not a bad thing but its unusual to some people but if
you haven’t seen each other in while..why NOT!

Depends on the guy.

Some guys aren’t into the whole “hugging other guys” thing.

Others hug their best friends, their brothers, their fathers, their cousins, their military buddies, etc.

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