Do I have a receding hairline or is that my natural hairline?

My hairline looks like the undertakers from wwe wrestling. Its been that way since I was a kid. A pic here

One thing I hate is that up front theres not much hair. I guess thats just cause my hairline is naturally set back more,so less hair up…

he has a receded hairline
not receding

girls dont care whether you are receding or not
we care when guys start doing weird stuff to cover it up

See a doctor. A number of medical conditions can cause you to lose hair. That would be your first line of defense. There are also Rogaine shampoos and treatments for women, available in the drug store. If it’s only from tight pony tails, then it should grow back. Be gentle with styling and brushing that area. Maybe cut long, angled, side-swept bangs if you want to hide it.

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