Do you think this is ok?

I am 13 years old, and am going to ask my mom to wear makeup How should I ask her? She is pretty chill. She lets me wear lipgloss mascara for special ocasions. Even though I can wear lipgloss everyday, i dont, because i dont really like the shine. I tend to use chapstick.

Here are the things I plan to buy to…

1. If you are planning to use the foundation to even out your skin tone and help with rosacea, then definitely do not try to cover rosacea with concealer.
2. When lining your eyes, make sure you use very small amounts of liner, and I recommend only lining the upper lash line. Make sure the liner is right along the lash line, along the waterline will make your eyes appear shrunken, and too far above the lash line will make you look fake.
3. When applying the foundation, I recommend applying it either with a cosmetic sponge, or with a stippled end brush. Otherwise you may end up with streaks from uneven finger spreading.
4. At the store, bring a friend and make sure you get your perfect shade, a good place to try the shade out would be on the jawline, because the light will hit there, and it will be easier to notice if the shade does not match. (If you buy the wrong shade you can most likely return it)
5. Have fun!

Sorry this was long, but I wanted to help! I started wearing makeup when I was 13 also, and no one told me these things, so there was alot of trial and error. Btw as for your product choices, I have personally tried all of them, and they are fantastic!

Hope I helped! : )

yes! its perfectly fine to ask to wear makeup now 🙂
i am 12 started wearing it last year
the thing about makeup for me was i started out like i will wear eyeshadow/powder foundation/blush/eyeliner occasionally but i started wearing it everyday
makeup can get a bit annoying sometimes! when you wear it everyday you dont wanna go a day without it
i had to not wear it once (i got a rash from some acne cream, and my mom wouldnt let me wear anything besides eyes cause she said it would make it worse) anyways, all day i felt weird with nothing on my face!

i think thats good.
you should also get some glitters for special occassions.
or splurge and buy a favrite shade of shadow from M.A.C or benefit, or sephora

awwwuhh i’m sure your mom will be fine with that. as long as you tell her that yuor not going to over do it

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