Dog sleeps under covers, is this normal?

Practically every night my dog gets under my covers in bed and sleeps by my feet for the entire night. Is this normal? I’m really paranoid that she can’t breathe and she’ll suffocate somehow. It’s not just a sheet either its like sheets, comforter, blankets, everything, and she’s a pretty little…

Completely normal, especially for small breed dogs like Chihuahuas, who love closeness and warmth.

How they sleep under layers of covers and don’t suffocate puzzles me, but then again, that’s just another secret about dogs I’ll never begin to understand.

Burrowing underneath the covers is solely first-rate, they are able to breathe. It is one kind of nesting habits in puppies. Another is pulling blankets, carpets, and many others. Into a pile and laying on them. They’re getting sufficient air, do not worry about that. The noises you heard may have been a dream, but it additionally could be an hypersensitive reaction obstacle. My Basset hound had severe allergy symptoms for a while and he made the identical sounds you described. Then he would just discontinue. Luckily he seems to have outgrown them seeing that he hasn’t done that for a few years now. If you are involved in regards to the snorting take him to your vet to have him checked out.

Totally normal my terrier mix puppy loves to sleep under my covers too. I guess it keeps her warm at night. I was scared at first too and then noticed she was practically fine in the mornings.

All dogs have their little quirks, and sleeping under the covers is her thing. She isn’t going to let herself suffocate, she’s not trapped, if she needs to get out, she can, if she needs help, she will, certainly, let you know.

My nieces beagle would do the same thing. All you could see is her nose popping out from under the blankets. It was really cute. She was just fine. Im sure your dog will be too.

Yes! Very normal my friends dog does this all the time x) it’s very cute. We can tell he does it for a sense of security. It helps him stay warm and sleep very deeply. I love it when people love there genuinely love their dogs and allow them to sleep on furniture. They are our babies, best friends; our family ♥

its weird for dogs to sleep under blankets but not humans?
they like snuggling under the warm blankets to!

My female pug x JR likes to sleep under the blankets right between your legs.
my male pug x JR will tuck himself in under the blankets
my male Alaskan malamute tries to get under the blankets with me, he ends up stealing them all, and the bed!

It is normal. Dogs all have different ways of sleeping, just like people do! She probably enjoys the warmth! 🙂

My JRT loves to sleep under the covers, he stays under them all night.

It’s totally normal!

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