Girls help !! ex gf trouble.10 points best answer?

Sorry this is so long

last summer me and this girl dated for a couple months.i fell for her.we live nearby to each other.we spent everyday together.then suddenly she said she needed space and to leave her time i realised i was overbearing.

i couldn’t do this as i love her and tried to change her…

toooo long

Hey I feel for u but No no no don’t make a move not anytime soon, let her get comfortable. Also maybe u need to try to see other people as sometimes it takes losing some1 to really realise how much we like them. At the moment it does seem as if she knows u like her and likes the attention I suppose. Good luck

i don’t mean to sound nasty but from personal experience i think you should give up & move on.

I may be wrong & its up to you.. but i was in a similar situation as your ex seems to be once…

I met a guy on holiday, *ben* fell in love, spent everyday with him and then something just changed. I met someone else & felt new excitement with them. I lost all the passion from the holiday, as it had become so comfortable.

I didnt really want anything to do with ben after that. Its hard to explain, must be a girl thing. I didnt purposly want to hurt him, i just didnt really realise how harsh i was and how out the blue it must of been to him. I spent all my time with this new guy until we broke up and then i got really lonely.
I felt like i just wanted to be loved.. i knew ben would be there so i went to him. We used to argue loads but decided to be friends.
It didnt work because he always wanted more. HE didnt even have to say anything, i could just tell he still loved me deep down and it jus made it so hard to stay friends as i didnt feel the same. He used to be over protective and seemed obsessive..more than a friend.

Anyways in the end i ended up kind of taking him for granted, he’d do sweet things and id appreciate it but it would never go anywhere. HE used to keep making effort and trying to win me back n make a move. it caused more arguments and totally put me off.

now we dont even talk…

Well i just helped my friend out with a situation sort of like this one..start off as friends don’t push it on her too fast become really good friends and if you can get far enough that you can become her best friend that might work and then little by little move closer to her it looks like she might have a bit of commitment issues and you don’t want to scare her away so start very slowly until she is completely comfortable. Good luck!

honestly , you should not even pick up your phone when he calls , even though i know you will . i’ve been there before , but look where i am now . its not worth it take it from someone that has already made that same mistake . i mean yeah it feels good to have a guy you think you have “like that” & will keep comin back to you like (always] but your going to get tired of that . because while your settling for less & waiting he could be making history with somebody else , trying to find something you cant give him & since he hasnt found it , he comes back to you cause he knows “he gots you like that” & your not going anywhere cause you’ve been there so long . try a friendship without sex & see how he reacts to that. even if he ask you out , say no i think we should be friends & see how it goes. im pretty sure it will make him open his eyes wider, if he leaves you & dont talk to you . then he wasnt the one for you ! let him be & you go on & make something of yourself . just know men come & go , there every where even when it feels like you have nobody .

She doesn’t want you. She has, however, realised that you will do whatever she wants and will always be there as a toy for her to play with to help boost her self esteem on demand. If you are not happy with this new role in her life you need to break all contact, it is the only way you will get over her.

that’s a difficult one ok it seems like she is scared to get into another relationship with you give it time just start talking to her as a friend and maybe something will happen act like you not interested in her that way. she will want to know what happened that’s if she knew that you liked her after the brake up just tell her that you said that you weren’t interested in me so im moving on. and if she still cares about you in that way she will want you back in her life

Ok i don’t know whats rong with this girl i think she likes you but she cant decide if she wants you. I dont think shed realise unless you had someone.
To be honest i think you should try your best to move on cus i think she likes the fact you want her back and i think she knows youll be there if she ever needs you if thats not true anymore she may realise her true feelings!

dam lazy as people (to long)and they say amricans are lazy yeah right

but dude when a girls says no dont say anything else say sorry and then you wont argue so much ok
Always agree with a girl no matter what just dont get her mad

right now DONT MAKE A MOVE! just keep being her friend
ok maybe she will ask you but you will know the right time to ask her
trust me

Umm seems like shes playing games, and dosent know what she wants, I’d leave her be, she knows u like her, and want to be her bf, so let her make the next move, sounds like she just like the attention of u running after her.

it seems like shes sending you mixed signals. I would wait awhile and if you are still talking to her then you can make a move. I hope this helps. Good luck!!!!!

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