Guns don’t kill people. People kill people?

If that’s the case then why have laws at all since according to this logic, criminals are going to break them? Why do we have murder laws if criminals are still going to break them? Drunk driving laws? This is stating that why should we place a law if its going to be broken anyways. Crminals dont follow laws…

I try not to look at this issue as one of politics…because our constitution was careful to include the right to bear arms. AND as many democrats as republicans BELIEVE in this issue.
But try looking at it this way:
Some laws…like outlawing murder, theft, etc…HAVE to be part of any society or they ARE NOT one for long. But it seems that where we are NOW, is creating laws for so many things that we are ‘overwhelmed’ by laws that in some situations double up on the SAME issues and even contradict them!
NO AMOUNT OF LAWS will keep bad from happening. Thats an important statement….we cannot STOP the bad that happens. There will always be criminals and those who ‘do bad things.’ As easily as Gun Bans can be talked about and the ‘issue’ made to sound very RIGHT…so too, can we say why NOT allow or require that schools provide their OWN GUNS for protection.
I would like to see the stats on HOW MANY MASS MURDERS or MURDERS IN GENERAL have been stopped because the potential VICTIM HAD A WEAPON TOO!!!
I do not own a gun nor have I ever wanted to. BUT I see the need for that RIGHT to be protected!!! Everyone seems to think NOW, that BAD can be legislated…IT CANNOT nor will it ever be possible. Inanimate objects do NOT kill…the people using them do. We do not ban ‘cars’ because people …LOTS of people, are killed in them. We don’t take the planes out of the skies because there are lots of accidents AND crashes due to someone’s BAD JUDGEMENT.
TO ME…it is the same theory.
Who would want to have the scenario of ‘good people’ following a gun ban’ and THEN being prey for the lawless??? Thats making MORE PEOPLE defenseless against THOSE WHO WANT TO KILL.
The right to bear arms IS NOT A CONSERVATIVE ISSUE…its a ‘keep your LIFE’ issue!!!
I know if you are young it does not ‘ring true’ that a scenario would ever happen that our country would come under fire and individual people WHERE THEY LIVE would have to defend each other against attack…perhaps the government has been destroyed for some reason. BUT IT HAPPENS ALL THE TIME IN OTHER COUNTRIES AND HAS HAPPENED MANY TIMES IN HISTORY. The gun issue was put into our constitution to protect CITIZENS against the ‘wrath’ of their OWN GOVERNMENT…we had to FIGHT with guns to gain our freedom from the British Empire. HISTORY REPEATS ITSELF…and a time like that WILL come again.
Blessings to You,

Guns do not kill someone till they are utilized by humans for that cause. They’re gear that can be utilized good or badly, relying at the consumer. People kill humans rather. They would possibly use weapons, knives, axes, scissors, golf equipment, ropes, and so forth. for that cause.

gun restriction laws will only give the criminal certainty that you will not be able to defend yourself and or others if he decides to shoot up some public vicinities.. gun restrictions is a criminal’s dream

Brrrrrrrrrr. If you didn’t have laws then you couldn’t have criminals. Therefore peeps could just do what they wanted and not be taken to task over it.

Because laws also provide a provision for dealing with people who break them.

Guns kill. People don’t. I believe Caylee Anthony would still be alive today if only we had more gun control.

good points, it’s true hipocrisy from the right. we need to vote them all out in 2014.

liberals like to blame guns themselves for all the problems, not the people who abuse them.

well i’d tell you why.. but these fellow humans have answered perfectly

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