Has anyone downloaded Internet Explorer 8 from Yahoo. Any problems with it?

When I tried to do just that, a window appeared saying that they could not verify who owned it. Or something to that effect, so I thought it best to cancel until I find out more. I am running Internet Explorer 6 at the moment.

downloaded it never worked properly uninstalled it using ie7 no problems at all i will wait a until it is a year old before downloading it again

It’s best to download IE versions from the official Microsoft site as oppose to 3rd party sites. I’d suggest downloading IE8 form here: http://www.microsoft.com/windows/interne… You can also learn more about IE8 at this site.

Hope this helps!
Internet Explorer Outreach Team

I have had IE 8 ever since it became available. I have not had any problems with it. I also have firefox 3.5 no trouble with it either.
I am hearing people complain about IE 8 not working good with Vista.
I have WindowsXP.
IE 8—- http://www.microsoft.com/windows/interne…

People have reported problems with IE8 by Yahoo!
Can’t understand why people don’t simply download IE8 from the Microsoft website

Screw MSoft, Gates should be made a pauper on a blacklist to prevent employment, just to remind him how the other half lives, and how hard it is for most to make a $$$, or any fraction of what he robs from us.
MS products are poorly developed, like too many US American products, and all too often just face-lifted old tech.

stay away from 8 IE7 is a lot better service pack 3

no problems like that, but my IE 8 is a HUGE nightmare. I suggest avoiding it. Glitches and crashes like no-one’s business!

Yup. Using it now, no probs.

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