How can the cleveland cavaliers improve for the next season?

Who should they trade
who should they sign

Cavaliers 2009-10 Salary Cap – $72,900,005
NBA Salary Cap for 2009-10 – $58,680,00

Doesn’t look like they’re going to be doing any of the two unless they can rid themselves of contracts such as Ben Wallace and Wally Sczerbiak. They’ve been shopping them brutally and have no results to speak of.

Come up with all you want, if this doesn’t happen. Nothing happens, thats just the rules of the league. Sorry to crush hopes and dreams!

Please read despite the length

To improve the cavs only need new personell. Lebrons improvement will continue, and their culture of efficieansy the defensive commitment, and the coaching and winning culture of the team as well as good leadership and cenerpiece in lebron are all in place. However they do need a roster revamp of sorts as explained below.

They need another good big man defender and a complimentary 2nd scorer to lebron who can get his own shot, not just mo. that way mo can be a very good 3rd scorer. The cavs play the right way and it is just in their roster that the issue lies.

It is going around that they may sign or trade for vince carter, a good second scorer who can get his own shot, or shaquille oneal, who can get his own offensive shot and is a good defensive big man in the middle. Also, they may be able to get shawn marion, a good 2nd scorer who can get his own shot and is a good perimeter defender, getting rid of the need for another good interior defender to help varejao since ilgauskas is slow and against the magic they proved to have a weak interior.

They could even possibly get marion and shaq and trade someone. This would give them 4 very adept scorers and still a great defensive lineup. They have the right fundamentals but they need more firepower as exhibited in the eastern conference finals where the magic just outgunned them.

Another rumor is that they get antawn jamison and a draft pick and rid themeselves of dead weight contracts like szerbiak and ben wallace. Jamison is versatile enough to fill both big man and perimeter player roels and could eliminate the need for a second aquisition.

clevelands needs are as follows, scorer, and defensive big man, preferabbly two in one, like shaq and jamison, and maybe both.

as far as what is most likely i have no idea, but any number of combinatiosn could happen depending on the cavs personal desires and what they are willing to spend.

Their trade bait are the expiring or oversized contracts of ben wallace, sasha pavlovic, zydrunas illgasukas, and delonte west and jj hickson to sweeten any deal. their primary trading partners are teams looking to clear cap and they have plenty of oversized contracts, another option is wally szerbiak.

should be interesting but one way or another they are getting at least one other good player. the most important thing is chemistry, and defensive commitment, so the cavs system isn’t messed up, but those kinds of players can be hard to come by.

hoped this helped,

They do not need to trade because they need big mo because he is their best 3-point shooter, west who is their 2nd best 3-point shooter, lebron because he is lebron, varejoa because he is their best post defender, and ilgausku because he spreads the floor for lebron with his jumper. What they need to do is trade Ben Wallace and Pavolivick for Shaq. They also need to get a bigger small forward or shooting guard who can hit 3’s, can score 15-18 points, and can defend well someone like a ron artest type.

Dummies should have made a move for Jefferson before the Spurs did.

I suggest cavs get Chris Bosh, Hedo Turk and maybe even Ray Allen, also they need someone reliable spark off the bench.

they need a big man who can defend

Amare Stoudemire
Carlos Boozer
Chris bosh
Hasheem Thabeet
Al Horford (underrated)
Marc Gasol

They need a big man who can defend the pick & roll (maybe Sheed). And they need somebody else who can create their own shot. That was suppose to be Mo but he turned out to be another jump shooter.

Oh yeah…..A COACH!!!

How you go 1 on 5 for a whole qtr…….smh

improve perimeter defense by drafting Terrence Williams

They cant winnnnnnnnnnnn cuz lakers rule and cavs are nothin compared to tem. Soo…… lebron shouldnt even try!

Possibly trade for shaq, either sign chris bosh or yoa ming

fayedogg…truely stupid. a new coach?? he won coach of the year!! he is a good coach.

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