I am buying a 2004 Pontiac Grand Prix?

I am buying a 2004 Pontiac Grand Prix. This will be my first car. It’s $5,995 and has 83,625 miles on it. Consumer Reports has said that the predicted reliablity on this car is above average. My dad’s friend is a mechanic and I would want him to look at the car before I bought it. Is this a good deal?

. It’s a well-established car; been around a long time.
You can compare some prices @ http://motors.listings.ebay.com/Pontiac_… ;
For a 4-yr old car, it has High mileage. That’s why the low price. But it’s PROBABLY a good buy IF the previous owner wasn’t an 18-yr old hot-rodder.
Prepare to run some major preventatice maintanance on it soon. Don’t wait. Change trannie fluid, flush out brake lines, radiator, p.s. unit, etc.

Of course none of us can tell you for sure if thats a good deal without actually viewing or driving that particular vehicle; however, according to the blue book value for a 2004 pontiac grand prix gt, a 2004 in good condition with 83000 miles is worth between $8,000 (private seller) and $10,000 retail. So if it is in fairly good condition could be a great deal. I have a 1994 pontiac grand prix gtp myself and it uses lots of gas. Wish i would have known before i purchased it that it required high octane fuel. Probably would not have purchased it. It is fun to drive though!

hey there. I am in car sales and i happen to have sold Pontiac’s for a few years. Yes the numbers make sense for the year and mks. I would agree to do something that is called a conditional sale. You would put that you will but the car once your tech looks over everything and gives you the ok. that way you cover your back if anything is wrong with the car there are no surprises later on. The only concern i would have is those cars eat up a bit of gas so make sure you have some extra cash for gas money…….. good luck!!!

Temur K …You have some serious MENTAL ISSUES to respond to the question like THAT!

Anyway, I have a 2005 Grand Prix (company car that gets driven a lot Mon-Fri) and am happy with it …Reliable, accelerates well, and good on gas + nice design and roomy.

$6K isn’t a bad deal, mileage is a little high for an ’04 in my opinion though,,,,definitely get it looked at by a mechanic 1st!

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