I have a 1991 pontiac grand prix with 3.1 and car wants to stall while driving, need answer to fix problem.?

Spark plugs and fuel filter have been changed, trans. filter also changed egr and idle air are a little over year old. also has new exhaust system. what else short of blowing up car can i do to fix this stalling problem

Have your fuel injectors checked–they get gummed up and may need to be cleaned out.

I would say check the Idle air control again and make sure it is working properly. Just because it is clean doesn’t mean it is working correctly. If that is good, my next stop would be take the ignition module out and have it tested, and also check the fuel presuure and make sure it is not dropping off while you are driving.

Take it to someplace like Pep boys for a repair estimate. They will tell you what is wrong and how much for them to fix it. You can then decide if you can fix it or have them do it. There are too many variables that you have not listed that could be contributing factors to give you an accurate diagnostic answer.

there is a 4 pin plug on the front of your transmission unplug it and see if it stalls Your converter is locking up making it stall when you drive

it could be in the fuel itself so try some fuel additive like heet

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