I want to start to think of myself as beautiful?

One of my major goals for the summer is to build confidence, and to start to think of myself as pretty. Currently, I don’t have much confidence in myself, and I’m REALLY not happy with my appearance.

Any ideas for how I can do this? And no, telling myself “You’re beautiful” every time I…

Get a piece of paper and pen. Write down everything you like about yourself. Then hang it up on your mirror. Every time you look in the mirror you’ll see your list, which will help you in gaining confidence. Confidence takes time. You need too believe in your list of things that you wrote. Eventually, you’ll see your everything that you wrote on that list :)) good luck
I think every girl feels like that sometimes. You definetly need a little boost. Do what makes you happy. If shopping makes you happy, go shop. Do it in a reasonable amount, but do it for yourself. 🙂

Value you yourself through your personality, if you love who you are from within your confidence on your appearance will start to glow through. This works for me at least. OR you could just remind yourself that no one else looks like you and that you were given this look, it’s unique, it’s you. And that’s why you should value the way you look. Sorry im not the best in confidence building, I hope you find the answer you need. Good luck! 🙂
Oh and “YOU’RE BEAUTIFUL” don’t listen to anyone else, because every single person is beautiful in their own way. Sorry this is so cheesy, but it’s true!

You will feel and be beautiful if you have a good character.

A physically beautiful girl may be stunning at first but if a guy starts going out with her then after a while, if she doesn’t have a good character he will stop seeing her beautiful looks and will only see her character and she will not seem attractive to him anymore.

But if you are only so/so in the looks department but have a good character, if you’re hard working and patient and generous and sweet and kind and intelligent, then you will be seen as beautiful once someone gets to know you. They may not immediately find you attractive at first but once they get to know you they will get used to your looks and won’t even see your looks anymore and will only see your character and when that happens you will seem a lot more attractive.

I’m a guy and I say this out of experience, I’ve had this happen to me before, where a girl who wasn’t that attractive became attractive once I got to know her because she was a cheerful and happy person.

I’m not saying physical beauty isn’t very powerful, it is. I’m just saying, that ultimately, character is more important.

i’m specific you’re no longer grotesque. you basically think of each little flaw is undesirable. you may attempt and recover from that. As to your easy dermis attempt donning outfits that do no longer make you look as easy. alongside with, pastels, brown, burnt orange. What are you washing your face with? attempt washing it with cleansing soap for comfortable dermis or attempt looking a face wash that fits your dermis. If the blotches do no longer sparkling up after awhile of doing which you will discover a doctor. And be effective. i think of the main captivating those that i’ve got met are effective.

If you do not like your appearance maybe you can start with a mini makeover 🙂 Like getting a new haircut or highlights in your hair…Sometimes you need a new look to boost that confidence and you can start finding yourself pretty etc..

If it’s more than getting a new look, then you can try taking a self esteem class workshop, which will help to build confidence in yourself.

Google it maybe they offer something in your area. Good luck!

I used to have the same problem as you but telling yourself you are beautiful is not enough when you know you are just lying to yourself. What I do is first take an action and make a change to my appearance, for examples cutting your hair, change your style, etc. I then stop comparing myself to other girls. I would start to takes care of myself more by eating healthier and working out. I look up at websites for skin and hair tips so I can do them at home. I believe all girls is beautiful when they know how to take care of themselves.

Beauty tips:
1. After washing your face dab your face gently with a towel don’t rub.
2. Rinse conditioner out of your hair with cold water to make them look shinier.
3. Massage your scalp for 3 min in the shower can make your hair grow faster.
4. White eyeliner can make your eyes look bigger.
5. Yogurt and oatmeal are really good for your skin.

For makeup tips and beauty tips just look up online.

if you dont wear makup try mascara, a lip color, and blush, and a champagne colored eyshadow, its not usually the best advice, because i used to feel that way tooo, when i was in middle school i felt behind, i didnt have boobs and never been kissed and was shy. i got dependent on makeup, but then a few years later i finally got comfortabl with less makeup, and soon none, like if it was off, and someone texted me to come, i wouldnt put it on again, i would just go as is. if you do wear makeup, maybe finad a new hairstyle, and amp the makeup a little? it will eventually take you to being confidence, then you can slowly get off of it because your happy. just remember with this new confidence to never make people feel the way you did, like dont make fun of them, and etc. because you know what its like, and when your truly happy you wont need to find thing wrong with yourself and others.

try a different style or different make up and see what you think looks best look in the mirror and tell your self your beautiful because your opinion is the only opinion that matters

try a new hair style or just a new look. maybe get some new cloths and make up to give yourself a new way of looking at yourself.

tell your self your one of a kind. everyone is beautiful in their own way. you may not see this now, but later you will. love yourself. live life. don’t let small things get in your way.

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