If elected President what will John McCains first Major action be?

If John McCain is elected President of the United States what will his first major action be?

Going after Iran.. forsure

McCain’s difficulty wasn’t his age, it became that he wasn’t offering something distinctive sufficient from what Bush had in simple terms spent 8 years giving usa. His decision of an unexperienced vice presidental candidate did no longer help. the place Ron Paul could have a actual threat is with the independents. most of the stuff he needs to do resonates properly with maximum of usa, and rather a great number of the liberals who voted for Obama hoping he’d end the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. the place he loses the liberals and many independents is his stance on the IRS and the Fed. collectively as no one likes taxes, maximum individuals, while compelled to be honest, understand that our tax money is needed for the government to run.

Honestly, I believe he will try to revive the immigration bill. He was a staunch supporter and co-sponsor of the last bill. Based on statements at some of his campaign appearances, I do not believe he has changed his opinion, or his belief in amnesty in the slightest.

to open up the book of bush, and continue on the destruction of the united states of america.

Let me just say, be ready to hear hate mongering about Iran.

well, he shouldn’t be doing one action, he should be doing several actions because there is A LOT that needs to be done.

Diaper change

Pay back the oil industry.

Gladly this is a question that we will never have to answer or see answered.

to make us all broke

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