If Iran is so Anti-Semitic Why are there nearly a Million Jews living in Iran who refuse to go to Israel?

Even tho Israeli government offers them money to come to Israel, they are treated like brothers and sisters by Iranian Shiites.

They know the progress of Iran and they support Iranian operations. They have their own Synagogues and Schools.

Why do these people choose to Stay in Iran when they are offered a…

Because those Jews realize they don’t have a God given right to commit murder

The situation of the Iranian Jewish community is not good at all. They live in fear and hence say what the government would like them to say. But your population figures are way off.

In 1948, the Jewish population of Iran was 100,000. In 2004 it was 25,000. That is not exactly ” nearly a Million Jews.”

You may want to know a little more about Iran before you think they are acceptable in the world.

The Iranian Martyrdom-Seekers Movement
On December 30, 2008, a senior Student Basij movement official, Mohammad Hassan Alaghemand, announced the establishment in Iran of an organization of martyrdom-seekers, called the “Brigades of the Forces of God’s Prophet Muhammad – The Quds Esteshhad Units,” sponsored by all the prominent student organizations in the country. Alaghemand invited students wishing to join to register at Student Basij offices across the country, or online at www.esteshhadi.com.

At www.esteshhadi.com/register, a website launched for registering these martyrdom-seekers, applicants can fill out a registration form, with first name, last name, mailing address, state ID number, gender, age (must be over 18), email address, education, area of study, university attended, and student number. Below the form appears Khamenei’s decree regarding the need to help the Palestinians.


I’m going on the assumption you’re right:

Because they live there. It is their home, has been probably for generations. They don’t want to drop it all, especially if they are being treated fine in Iran.

Quite honestly, I don’t think this “means” anything about either Iran or Israel. Yes, some people don’t want to live in Israel and some are treated well in Iran, but there are also some who love Israel or are treated badly in Iran. But I think that if your facts are true, that really makes me happy. I find it wonderful when people can put their religious and political differences aside to get along. And in times like this, when conflicts in the middle east between muslims and jewish people are really strong, it is great that people still can live together without hate.

Honestly, I think the Iranian leaders learned a lesson from the Arab nations. Once Israel was formed the Arabs either expelled the native Jewish populations (Egypt) or made life so difficult (Syria) for them they left for either Israel or the West. Basically, the Arab nations shot themselves in the foot with that one, because half of Israels Jewish population is from the Middle East and North Africa (Mizrahi) and like the Palestinians, kinda bitter about losing all their property and homes (most Mizrahi Jews are Hawks too, the Western Jews are more likely to be Doves). Why leave your country if you are comfortable and have a decent livelihood? Yeah, some people are going to immigrate but not the entire population. So, when the Ayatollah took over he immediately promised to protect the Jewish population (Christian population too). A good portion of the population did leave for the US and Israel, fearful of a pogrom, but around 30,000 stayed (population is around ~25,000 today). While they do face a lot of discrimination and periodic arrests (accused of spying) it’s not bad enough for them to all pack up and leave. They are actually a lot more religious and devout than they were prior to the Revolution but that’s kinda expected seeing as how they live in a theocracy (everyone is more religious). Outside of Iran, most Iranian Jews reside in the US (California) and Israel.


Jews, Christians, and Zoroastrians COMBINED make up 2% of Iran’s 66,000,000 people. in 2004 there were less than 25,000 Jews in Iran http://www.jewishvirtuallibrary.org/jsou… because they are treated so badly.

Wikipedia’s not factual, but neither’s where you read from.

There are two reasons Jews remain in Iran:

1. They’re not allowed to leave to Israel, Tehran and Tel Aviv aren’t connected even by phone lines, and if they do leave they will be killed when they return.

2. The Iranian government has a ‘contract’ with the Jews that says that if they complain of their treatment, they will be expelled from the country and their remaining relatives will be murdered – or, Iranian Jews who have left and still have relatives in Iran have to remain quiet because if they complain their relatives will be murdered.

Don’t be such a fool.

Obviously from the way you wrote your question you have an agenda. People here are suppose to ask question, not provide their own answers!

For your information the are only about 25,000 elderly Jews left in Iran. They are too old to move to another country, so they stay. Iran tolerates these Jews because they follow orders.

Just because iran is against israel doesn’t mean they are against jews! It would be like saying if america is against Iran why are there so many muslims living in america?

Iran disagrees with what israel is doing not their religion! … Its two different things.


The current Jewish population of Iran is about 25,000.

That’s nowhere near a million. Thousands of Persian Jews left Iran for Israel and the US.

The ones that stay site the 3,000 year history of Iranian Jews and that they are proud of their history.

“The Islamization of the country has brought about strict control over Jewish educational institutions. Before the revolution, there were some 20 Jewish schools functioning throughout the country. In recent years, most of these have been closed down. In the remaining schools, Jewish principals have been replaced by Muslims. In Teheran there are still three schools in which Jewish pupils constitute a majority. The curriculum is Islamic, and Persian is forbidden as the language of instruction for Jewish studies. Special Hebrew lessons are conducted on Fridays by the Orthodox Otzar ha-Torah organization, which is responsible for Jewish religious education. Saturday is no longer officially recognized as the Jewish sabbath, and Jewish pupils are compelled to attend school on that day. There are three synagogues in Teheran, but since 1994, there has been no rabbi in Iran, and the bet din does not function”.

You info seems to be mostly distortion of reality.

Edit: My links are NOT to Wikepedia. Seems like you like to make things up. Got any proof for your numbers? I will read any “facts” you wish to provide, so far you have zip.

iran is a democratic and modern country ,their people and government respect to everybody who lives in iran. if some people don’t know so i should say jews have member in iran parliament( his name is siyamak marre sedgh). christians have members in parliament of iran too.jews in iran say they love their country iran and this is the reason that they don’t want to leave iran , besides they love thier government and most of them in previous election voted for president ahmadinejad

I would like a link to that.

Nevertheless, what the west knows of Iran, myself included, is a thimble compared to the barrel full we think we know.

I learned that when I started world travel.

I now know that as I live and work in China for the last three years. What most know in the west of China would fit in a thimble, what we think we know would fit in a barrel.

It is not always about politics and government, it is mostly about the people. I really wish the west would understand that.



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