I’m screwed busted pregnant girlfriend cheating?

I busted my 3 month pregnant girlfriend cheating on me lol. I know i’m screwed but what can I do. I know i’ll have to pay child support now but does the cheating count for anything?

If you’ve caught her this time this may not be the first time she has cheated. she has proven herself to be dishonest and sneaky. you have to consider that you may not be the father of the child.
What ever you do don’t sign the birth certificate. The birth certificate is a legal document and once you sign it your screwed and can be very hard ( depending on the state you leave) to remove your name. You have 6 months to start and save your money for a paternity test. She needs to prove to you that the child is yours. Don’t take her would for it. she has already proven herself a liar and cant be trusted.
Once you are proven to be the father through a PATERNITY TEST then you can sign the birth certificate. As far as custody and child support only go through the courts to make it official and to avoid any disputes and confusion. if her living environment is unfit the child can be removed from her custody if she doesn’t move out of that environment and custody may possible be awarded to you as long as you are fit yourself. you must bring up these concerns in court. if you can afford it you should get a lawyer for this. This girl I predict is going to be a thorn is your a** for the rest of your life.

After the baby is born don’t sign anything except a paper requesting a DNA test. If the baby is yours sign the birth certificate and pay the child support. Try like hell to have a large active role in this child’s life because it sounds like you will be the only stable person this baby will have in it’s life. Don’t blame this baby for what the mother did or how the grandparents are. Be the daddy and help the baby grow in a positive direction. Everyone needs some type of stability in there life and you may very well be the positive role model this child will need. In court the cheating won’t count for anything, you will still have to pay if it is your child. I’m not so concerned about the money as much as I am about you being there, that’s important. Especially under the circumstances you are describing here. If you choose to go after custody than start documenting everything about the drugs now, people, times, type of drugs sold. Now that will play a big part in the eyes of the court but you need proof so start now.

Dude, take a deep breath and grab ur balls. This is potentially sum good news for you. Now that u know that she’s a cheating whore, there’s a chance the baby might not be urs. Get a paternity test. If it is yours and u have anything going for urself u might have a good chance of gettin custedy, as she is obviously full of fail and lives in a crack house. You got a big time ho if she’s still taking strange penis at 3 months pregnant my man. Btw the state dont care nothing about her cheating on you, only thats she can provide a stable envirnment. If its urs dont let ur child grow up around all that mess.

In agreement with dabrat. Take pictures and document everything. starting now. If the child is yours you may be able to prove her unfitness immediately at court. Save your money and clean up any issues you have. You could walk away with that child. But no one cares if she’s a cheater. Have the child tested immediately.

Get a DNA test when the baby is born.. If she’s cheating on you while she’s pregnant then she was more then likely cheating on you before she got pregnant.. It may not even be your kid.

You’ll probably have to pay child support, maybe in the custody hearing you could use that to say that she is not trustworthy and responsible but I’m not sure, since you aren’t married I don’t think it effects it that much. Goodluck, answer mine? http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index;…

if she takes you to court for child support then mention that she cheated. and don’t sign the birth certificate

Zaksee thinks you got to stay away .

yea get a DNA test to make sure its yours.

i don’t think it does dude as long as the bany is yours

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