Is My House Haunted by Spirits?

My dumb azz went online and bought one of the real old Ouija boards from ebay (it was quiet expensive) just to mess around with friends and talk to some ghosts. On the night i did everything instructed by a how to page found on the internet to set up the place in order to Communicate the the spirits. After I had…

Apologize. Out loud. And be sincere.

And stop messing with things if you can’t handle what you open up.

Get rid of the f***in thing. Burn it and destroy it completely in a nearby forest or lake. Then say sorry to the spirit for making fun of it and you have to mean it. Then kindly ask it to leave and pass on.
You have to be really dumb or f***ed up to be mess around with a ouija board like that. Don’t use those things EVER!

Yea, that’s the problem with using a Ouija board, it can open doors to things you find hard to shut. Scratches are caused by demons, so you now have a demonic presence in you or your house.

The Ouija board is a way to talk to what people think are human spirits. I do not believe they are human spirits at all but they are demons. Zozo is the name of a demon or demons that often manifests thru a ouija board and he is not kool at all. Sometimes he goes by Sozo, Soso, Bozo, Zaza and similar. When asked how old he is he often says thru the ouija board “No age”. Zozo is a trickster, tormentor and evil. He also seems to have a thing with mirrors.

I highly recommend that you do not touch a Ouija board at all. You might open up a door that you will find hard to close.If you do or have played with a Ouija board here is how to get rid of the demons that you invited:

1) First you must be a Christian. If you’re not a Christian, here is how. ” Lord Jesus I give my life to you. I trust in you and I ask that you come into my life, in Jesus name.”

2) Get the Ouija board if you can and destroy it. The best way to destroy it is to burn it. Make sure you also destroy the pancetta (the pointer). They are very dangerous. You don’t want anyone else to use it

3) Say this ” Lord Jesus, I repent for using a Ouija board and I am sorry for using it. I ask for your forgiveness. I renounce all spirit ties and I ask that you remove them from me. I break all curses and cancel all evil assignments, in Jesus name.” If the demon had you do other things then you will need to also ask Jesus to forgive for that.

4) Say this ” All evil spirits that have lost their legal rights I command that you leave me now and go where Jesus sends you, in Jesus name.”

5) See if you cough, sneeze, yawn, have a deep sigh, tear or other physical symptoms. At this point what ever came thru the Ouija board is gone. However, if you mess with it again you will have to do the same thing again.

6) Contact everyone who played with that Ouija board and get them to follow these instructions.

If you wish to contact me, feel free to do so. Click on my profile and then click on email or yahoo messenger

Your house is haunted by goofy thinking. My advice: put the board away if you’re really bothered, otherwise continue to have fun with the entertaining toy.

Im not trying to be a priest on u or anything but im a christian. I would suggest u to go to a christian friend and ask them to pray for u, or go to a nearby church and ask the priest or someone for prayer. Even if it might not work, u will probably feel better.

Tell the ghosts that it is OK to cross into the light. It is OK to cross over and that the do not have to stay on Earth anymore. They are free.

film it with a camcorder so it can be seen


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