Is the Army racist towards AMERICAN soldiers of Indian(India) race? ?

Yeah so I’m 18 and I’m enlisting in the Army Reserve as 31B Military Police. I am a natural born US citizen, but my family is from India.

Sadly enough, some people mistake Indian people for “Arabs” or “Pakis”. It happens to me all the time. Now I know that wherever I go in this…

Seriously, we are at war, and we need boots on the ground. I don’t think the army can afford to be racist. Truth be told, I don’t think they can afford to be anti-gay, but they are still trying it.

I understand what you are saying. I’m Mexican, but I have been mistaken for Indian, Native American, Hawaiian, Chinese, Italian, Portuguese, Egyptian, Iranian, and Saudi Arabian. In fact, no one has ever once guessed Mexican.

So I’ve seen my fair share of racism, except for racism that is actually directed at my race. But believe me, every branch of the military has come looking to recruit me.

The military heirarchy is not racist, and most troops aren’t either. You’ll find one now and again, of course. But they will be a rarity.

Ditto to what Jay Bee says. I would add that the military was 20 years ahead of the civil rights movement in America. That being said, there will always be racism as long as people continue to teach it to their kids and the military is just a microcosm of American society. Personally…although admittedly not a good measure, the service with the least number of minority general officers in ratio to total number of troops is probably the most racists in “feel”. I am not sure who has the least, the marines or the navy, but does that make them the most racist? Then by the rationale I just submitted, the army would be the least racist (Colin Powell or “Kip” Ward come to mind). So using that as an unscientific rule of thumb, you should be in the best shape racially in the army. Then again, you are going in the reserves…which is a little different than full time army and certain “elements” have more opportunity to slip through the cracks.

Congrats on enlisting! (I joined the reserves as 31B as well)

People are people, and, generally speaking, the Army is more accepting of different races than the general public. If you can pull your weight and you prove yourself, no one should say anything to you about your race. It’s just not something soldiers concentrate on. You’ll probably be asked about your heritage, but that’s just out of interest, not racism.
If someone does say something to you that is of a racist nature, then it is the ignorance of the person, but the Army does not focus on race. You are an American soldier, not an “Arab” or “Paki”

You won’t have any problems. The military is an extremely diverse institution (I’ve served with blacks, Asians, Indians and Latinos) . Military units are tight knit, and your fellow soldiers will see you as a member of the team, not someone of another race. In normal society, racism is just frowned upon but the military is explicitly anti-racist and has no tolerance for it. There will be the occasional dumb redneck who says something stupid, but you won’t be treated differently for your race (do your job well and you will be promoted quickly). The first thing people look for when they see someone else in uniform is their rank and their unit insignia, not their race.

Racism in the military is NOT tolerated in fact, there’s a Zero Tolerance rule. Any racist remarks or actions can be detrimental to ones career and that service member can be kicked out of the military.

Sad to say, there is racism and sexism in the military, but it’s all very hidden. That is why there is Diversity Training in the military to help alleviate this issue. You have to understand… the military is a melting pot. A lot of people from different backgrounds… there’s gonna be some differences but that does not give any one the right to be a racist or sexist schmuck….

i don’t think the men and women in the troops are. even if they were when they got there once the shooting starts they have to depend on the others around them no matter their color.

now those at the top are a different story. i do believe they are racist in the way they target minority youth and the poor of any color actually to enlist by lying to them about what they can get out of it. then once these men and women come home, they are disposed of to be homeless or in need of mental health care etc. not sure if thats racism totally or pure classism but it happens all the time.

Why is it “sad” when someone mistakes you for a Pakistani? There is no “Indian race” – India and Pakistan consist of dozens of ethnic groups, most of which are found in both countries. Of course people are going to mistake the two – there’s usually no difference between an Indian or a Pakistani besides their religion. You’re oversimplifying the ethnic groups of South Asia to the point of ignorance.

Discrimination is forbidden, but it’s bound to happen every now and then. Don’t expect too much trouble.

You’ll experience some racism, but just do your job well and ignore the morons.

no the Army is no racist. As a soldier your color is GREEN. If you’re already claiming or planning on being a victim, perhaps, you should try the Air Force?

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