Jehovahs witnesses isnt it true that you can teach someone the truth about god using any bible they choose?

Isnt that true?

I’d like to see them prove from any Bible other than the New World Translation that the name ‘Jehovah’ should appear in the New Testament. They have inserted this name 237 times in the New Testament even though the Divine Name (the Tetragrammaton – YHWH) nowhere appears in any Greek manuscripts (other than when quoting from the Hebrew scriptures).

Whenever ‘Jehovah’ appears in the NWT NT it is a deliberate ploy to deny the deity of Jesus.

I’d also like to see them prove from any Bible other than the New World Translation that Jesus was created as Michael the Archangel. They have altered the word of God by adding to it in an attempt to support their beliefs that Jesus is only a created angel and is not to be worshipped. Of course, if Jesus was only a created angel then it would be wrong to worship him. But, as Hebrews chapter 1 makes clear, the Son of God is NOT an angel – not even an archangel.

Here is an example of how the NWT has added to the word of God to suggest Jesus was created by Jehovah: Colossians 1:15-17: KJV – “For by him [Christ Jesus] were all things created… all things were created by him.” NWT – “For by means of him all other things were created… All other things have been created through him.” The word “other” is inserted 4 times. It is not in the original Greek, nor is it implied. This is a section where Jesus is described as being the creator of all things. Because Jehovah’s Witnesses believe that Jesus is created, they have inserted the word “other” to show that Jesus was before all “other” things, implying that He is created. There are two Greek words for “other”: ‘heteros’, and ‘allos’. The first means another of a different kind, and the second means another of the same kind. Neither is used at all in this section of scripture. The Jehovah’s Witness have changed the Bible to make it fit their aberrant theology.

Jehovah’s Witness pay lip service to other translations, but the truth of the matter is that their New World Translation perverts the truth about the One Being of God in whom subsist the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

Yes. I do all the time. I used KJV when studying myself. And I have most Bibles. I have them linked online too at my website and in my groups.

The NWT new testament has only be available and in English only since 1950, the whole NWT since 1960. Jehovah’s Witnesses used KJV before that and then American Standard and a few other Protestant verses as well. They just recently went out of print with us as they are so easy to get elsewhere and online.


Edited to add: Grey Tower, there are a good many other Bibles that use God’s name in the NT but they do it in Hebrew. The sacred name Bibles of the various church of Yahweh do (they spell Jesus Yeshua usually too though). The 2001 online Bible made by neutral scholars and the Nazarene Friends Bible and I think some others also do as well….others use footnotes that the NT texts are places where God’s name appears as they are direct quotes of such verses in the OT.

Edited again to add: I can’t believe someone said the KJV Bible is the Bible Jesus gave. The oldest translation of KJV only dates back to 1611. The current revision of it is still called that, but is from 1769 (according to KJV sources). As far as I know, English was not even in use in Jesus’ time, at least not anywhere near the locations he and the apostles preached to in the content of the NT. The lack of accurate knowledge about even the simplest of historical facts simply astounds me about people in religions.

Since the late 1800s Jehovah’s Witnesses have used many bible versions in spreading bible truths. In fact, during World War !! they purchased the plates of the complete King James Version (KJV) of the Bible and released it to Jehovah’s Witnesses at their convention on September 18, 1942 in Cleveland, OH.

The New World Translation (NWT) was released in parts beginning in August 1950 with the One-Volume Revised Edition not being released until the summer of 1961.

People want to argue the point that we did not get our modern day start until Charles Taze Russell came on the scene in the late 1800. History shows that hundreds of thousands accepted bible truths using different bible versions including the KJV. Just like the KJV and any other translation or versions of bibles, the NWT is a translation of the original Hebrew and Greek text. The KJV was translated in a language common in the 1600 and the NWT is translated in a language the is common today.

All Scriptures (regardless of its version) is inspired of God and beneficial for teaching, for reproving, for setting things straight, for disciplining in righteousness, that the man of God may be fully competent, completely equipped for every good work. 2 Timothy 3:16, 17

As Jesus said, “Your word is truth.” John 17:17

Sure , “you are my witnesses,” is the utterance of Jehovah, “even my servant whom i’ve chosen, so as that you could be understand and have faith in me, and that you could be have an understanding of that i am the same One. Earlier than me there was once no God fashioned, and after me there persevered to be none. 11 I—i’m Jehovah, and apart from me there is no savior.” Isa forty three:10,11 Christianity used to be now not a entirely new faith. Its roots lay deep within the faith of the Israelites, nourished by the written regulation of Jehovah God. Even earlier than Israel grew to become a nation, worship of Jehovah used to be practiced via their forefathers Noah, Abraham, and Moses and used to be sincerely a continuation of the oldest faith in existence, the genuine worship of the Creator as in the beginning practiced in Eden. But the country wide and religious leaders of Israel allowed false faith with Babylonish overtones to seep into their worship and for this reason pollute it. As the arena Bible notes: “The Jewish congregation at the time of the start of Jesus used to be fouled with hypocrisies and cluttered with a formalism that obscured the underlying religious truths uttered via the high-quality Hebrew prophets.”

Yes, we can use ‘any bible’ but it is harder because of the many mistranslations found in most bibles.

Jehovah in the NT?
Even the NKJV has “LORD” in the NT. where the writer is quoting the OT.

On Yahoo I rarely quote the NWT. while mostly using the NASB. and yet I’ve been told, the NASB is the devil’s bible.

I find it interesting that most people who attack NWT and any other translation, claim their prefered translation is the best.

I’ve had people tell me that the “NIV, NASB, (insert other bible) are works of the devil”
and only “the (insert their prefered bible) is the only true bible.”


Dr Jason BeDuh in comparing the NIV, KJV & NWT of Col 1:15-19 stated that only the NIV ‘added words’ that changed the meaning of what Paul wrote.



Very good question, thank you for asking, If you were to ask to look at their NWT with references you would see a portion in the preface about “TEXTUAL SYMBOLS” it states: Throughout our footnotes, when giving textual information, it has been necessary to refer to many early manuscripts and papyruses, codices, printed editions and recent authoritative publications. then it lists a chart of symbols to represent these such items….. One that caught my eye was Int. The Kingdom Interlinear Translation of the Greek Scriptures, and guess who this is produced by? The Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society, Brooklyn, 1969.There are also many Christian Greek Scriptures by human authors such as …. Thomas Fry, William Greenfield, Isaac Salkinson and C.D. Ginsburg. They explain in the introduction of this BOOK that “where the English text varies from the original-language texts, the footnotes show the basis for the English translation by indicating the manuscripts and versions that support such variations…”
Now if you use the references that they have in their TEXTUAL SYMBOLS , then you are listening to the word of man, and the Watchtower Bible of their own translation?? How does this make sense? It only works when you are sending out your own propaganda.
Yes the JW’s will start a study in any bible of the persons choosing, but will direct them soon as possible to the NWT. Saying it is much easier to understand. If there was anything wrong with the KJV then why would our Lord Jesus christ have given it? and why does man need to improve on what God has given and approved of and so many died for? The agenda has changed in the JW religion, they needed a book to further their work, not to be given grace and mercy of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Plain and simple. And by the way the translation does matter and anyone telling you different is lying and they know it. God’s word does not change, so why change it????

It sure is and I found the Truth in the Bible that was given to me as a Freshman in high school from the Protestant Congregational Church. Said the same thing as the NWT does with Jehovah’s name back in it.

O, love the German Shepard by the way.

Yes it is done all the time. To show an individual the truth from their Bible can be a revelation to him or her. I personally use the NWT at every opportunity, but I will use the listener’s Bible if they feel more comfortable reading from their own Bible.

Yes this is true.

However when I first studied with my student, she insisted on using her King James version but soon asked for a copy of ours because in her words: the language is to archaic for today and throws one of the message.

I learned God had a name from the “born again” bible.

Our society quotes from other bibles too because some get the thought across better than even ours!

It is strange how we are picked on for having our version when most dominions do the same thing and yet no body says a boo to them!

hi there.

really? any bible?

then why show up with wdtbrt? and all the other books and publications that are not a bible?

john 20:28 calls jesus god.
jws deny this teaching.

instead you must go to a watchtower publication and perform a series of “reasoning” steps and try to recast the scripture to mean he is not god – the exact opposite of what the scripture explicitly says.
“Jesus is a god in the sense that he is divine bla bla reason reason deny deny …”

this “reasoning” you call “truth”.

no no no.
the scripture is the truth.
your “reasoning” is diametrically opposed to truth.

conclusion – jws cannot teach truth from any book at all, whether bible or otherwise.
jws preach against the truth.

but they label their “reasoning” as truth anyway.

jesus said “your word is truth”
not “watchtower reasoning is truth”

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