Ladies, why does my sister dress so skimpy around me?

I am a 22 year old male and I share an apartment with my 19 yr old younger sister and she loves to dress skimpy. When she goes out she
dresses fine but as soon as she come home she puts on tiny short shorts and even smaller tops. Not that i really notice but she never wears a bra and you can clearly see her breast…

My brother and I (female) are both 17 and when our parents aren’t home, we’ll walk around in less clothes than usual. It may sound weird to some people, but we are siblings and have that certain bond. I always cover enough of my body so I won’t feel weird around my brother, but I might just wear a tank top and short shorts. Some girls feel comfortable enough to do that in front of siblings.

But if it bothers you, don’t be afraid to speak up! Tell her, “you seriously need to put on some clothes. It’s weird”. She’s your sister. If she doesn’t put on more clothes, buy yourself a thong and see her reaction.

Well maybe she feels comfy and safe around you like wearing a bathing suit…but whenever my brother comes in sometimes I get embarressed if i am not wearing a bra…but boys will be boys I would be fine if he looked at my butt or whatever as long as i am not naked but i do not think it would be wrong as long as he was not like staring all day but i guess you have to look at her she is your sister.If she asks you “enjoying the view” just say ohh yeah but sarcastically……do not freak her out.

she dresses like that because she is at home and is supposed to be comfortable around her family, she shakes her butt in front of you as a joke she is playing around with you because she is ur sister, and i personally find it a bit weird tha u like looking at ur sister even tho you dont think about having sex with her, i would wear my panties and bra in front of my brother because i am not supposed to feel uncomfortable and hide myself, and if he looked at my butt i wouldn’t think he was looking at it in the way that he thinks i look good

She dresses skimpy so you won’t forget she is a girl.

Um, duh….wtf….you’re a creep. Okay…sorry…um. Have you talked to her about maybe wearing more when she’s home. Some girls just like to feel comfortable in their own homes…seriously, dude…not cool.

well shes doing this slightly on purppose now that she sees you noticing. but it is also because she is comfortable around you and in her house. so maybe tell her to cover up a bit around you, she should do it to avoid awkwardness

your her brother so she jsut dresses comfortable. a lot of girls dress like taht around the house because they want to be comfortable. you may want to see a therapist if you are attracted to her.

She’s not doing it for you. If you can’t look at her like a sister then see a counselor or psychiatrist.


Can I come over.

Obviously she wants you to look. Not in a creepy sexual way, just a “I want a guy to appreciate my body” way.

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