My 2 year old keeps biting me?

My almost 2 year old daughter keeps biting me, especially when i tell her off. I live with my parents and when anyone else tells her off she listens but when i tell her off she bites me. Ive tried to get her to stop by smacking her or softly biting her back but its not helping. any suggestions. Don’t judge me…

When she bites you tell her firmly that biting is not acceptable and you will not tolerate it. Make sure you’re on her level, looking her in the eye. When she does it, place in a quiet area, no TV or anything. Another option is make a huge deal of how hurt you are. Whip up some fake tears, cry, grab the area, etc. Have her help you ice it, wash it, put a bandage on it. If she sees how much production goes into what happens when getting bitten she might slack off. You also need to look at the enviroment. Are you telling her off when she’s tired? Cranky? Hungry? She may be over whelmed with her senses that biting is her only option. (To her it may be!) The final suggestion-which helped me!- is to put something bitter in her mouth when she bites. My mom used vinegar-just a dab. I’ve seen parents use lemon juice, vinegar, tomato juice, etc. When she bites she’ll associate the taste with biting. No biting-no bitter taste. Hope these help. Good luck!

I have a one year old. It seems alot of answers you have received state bite them back. This technique while proven effective for some is really not the preferred method. Patience, you have a two year old so you know all about this. The Firm tone of No Bite and some type of time out, be it in the playpen or wherever will work and the long term result is much more pleasant. Find what works for you, however I strongly disagree with biting your child…

You poor thing – what a difficult dilemma! My early childhood nurse told me to bite back when my son bit me. I only had to do it twice and he stopped. If that’s not working maybe you need to have a “naughty place” – somewhere you make her sit even for a few minutes, where she can’t play with any toys. You should leave her there alone (although make it clear that you will still be nearby) but don’t give in to her crying or screaming and make sure no one else does, either.

Hope it works out (and you’re not a bad parent for smacking either).

forcefully tell her NO BITING, THAT HURTS! Ask the family members who she does listen to for advise. If you continue the smacking or biting her, eventually someone will report you as a child abuser. ( even though I broke my son from biting by biting him back). I told him that biting hurts and if he did it again I was going to bite him back, he did bite me again and I bit him back just hard enough to leave a little mark, and make him cry. Then I sat him down and asked him if it hurt, when he said yes, I told him that is why we do not bite– because it hurts. He never bit anyone again.

while she is biting you bite her back until she stops no harder than to make her stop and if she is not taking notice of you then try to be consistant with her smacking is a last resort and should only be resorted to in matters of safety ie hot water taps

My daughter responds very well to me screaming in pain. She thinks it’s a joke at first, but when she realizes it really hurts then she remembers and doesn’t do it again.

If that fails then I give her a whack. Hard enough that she knows it’s punishment, but not so hard that it hurts. She usually cries then and I hug her.

She’s quite a shoulder biter, and loves to twist and pinch skin when angry. She’s 21 months.

Um she may be teething, put her down in a play pen with some soft toys to chew on its normal my 2 year old casey does it to i put her in a play pen gave her a old squishy toy she chewed on it for a while and bam the teething was done

Hi… This may be hard but, it’s necessary to teach them. When my 1 yr. 8 mo. old son, (this was yrs. ago) bit another girl, I picked up his foot and bit pretty hard, left teeth marks. I felt so bad about it
but, he never bit anyone ever again. He is now
17 yrs. They need to know what it feels like to be hurt. :~)

I always dish out what mine do to me. ie bite- bite back.
If that aint working, hard one but u could try this………if she bites put a lil pepper on her tongue explaining that we do not bite. This should work !

My gosh! kids are so annoyng, aren’t they? I absolutely hate it when people treat me differently than they treat “everyone else”. I always wondered about that. I would strongly suggust you take your 2-year-old daughter to a psychologist to figure out what’s wrong with her. Good luck!

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