My mom loves my sister more?

My sister is 15 and I’m 13 and I’ve been depressed and suicidal for the past 2 months and my parents haven’t even noticed. I cry every single day and write about how much I hate life. I really just wanna die now, my mom doesn’t even know that I’m sad. Whenever I sigh or get teary and want to…

You know, I grew up in a similar situation as yours. I am an only child, but I was adopted and so there was always this “disconnect” between me and my parents. I mean, I love them, but we were just a seriously dysfunctional family.

I used to say the same thing. For as long as I can remember, I have always said, that I didn’t want to be anything like my parents when I grew up. Some of it still holds true to this day. However, I’ve learned over the years, that there is more to life than what people have to think about you.

You have to find happiness within yourself. I know how hard it can be to live with people who don’t respect you or your things, who look down on you and show you very little love, but you can’t live your life for them, you have to go out and find or make your own happiness.

You may want to try praying or reading the Bible. Find some friends at school, and develop a close bond with them, because it always helps to have people around to help you when times are bad. I mean, you don’t have to go it alone.

Try finding a hobby you like doing, or try to stay out of the house as much as possible, if you feel miserable there. Seriously, don’t give up, because I was 13 once too and now I’m 20 and feel like I was 13 just yesterday, so, don’t worry about it so much, you have your whole life ahead of you.

Good Luck

THAT was the best letter EVER! NICE!

To Yahoo Answerers: Im sorry, but this is too funny…you people actually believe this line of crap? You seriously think the woman who gave birth to these two children is being that extravagantly permissive with one of her children and being incredibly oppressive toward the other? Really? This is obviously your typical 13 year old girl, who wants everything and for whom nothing is good enough. She is not lacking love, nor is her mother giving her sister everything and her nothing. I’m positive that if the mother had problems that enabled her to hate her child, then she would indeed behave in such a manner to both children. Besides, someone in the family would have noticed such flagrant differences between the “love” given to these girls, and reported this woman, or at least offered to take the child the mother hates so much off her hands. This just sounds more than a little far fetched. Still…it is a very entertaining letter. To the Girl: If you think that you are missing love so much you need to just straight up lie, and if you would have us believe that you are going to kill yourself basically over material wants or at all for that matter, then you have more problems than anyone on here can help you with. No one who truly wishes to kill themselves announces it in a public forum, nor for such asinine reasons. Grow up…..or I’d have to agree with Lethal Penguin’s approach; film it. I’m sure we’d all need to see this played out; that’s the only way most rational people could believe this farse.

Berlytea- you should be absolutely ashamed of yourself. How.could you ever have the guts to say that to a thirteen year old girl!? I don’t care.if this is 5 years later, I needed to say this because you are downright rude. This girl only posted this because she needed help and someone to talk to. The last thing she wanted to hear is that she is selfish and wants attention. And to the young girl who asked this question, I hope that you got through this, and that you are close to your sister and mom. And to berlytea, I hope you are happy with what you said to a.thirteen year old girl

I think your just too worried about your parents opinion. If they didn’t care about you they wouldn’t keep you clothed, a roof over your head, a bed to sleep in, dinner to eat. The Lord cares for you, how much thought out of your day have you given to him? Have you ever given the Lord thanks for what you have? Life was never suppose to be fair, you must deal with your circumstances no matter the situation. The Lord is always available to help you and guide you. You probably don’t think so because you can’t see him, let me tell you, he is there to help 24/7, just ask and your problems will be solved.

Tell your mom how you feel! My sister was suppose to be with me a whole week and I asked her for supper she said she would make it then made her boyfriend some dinner instead and she ALWAYS would be with him and not me [like she was suppose to because my parents went away for a week]! Your have to tell her how you feel, and how she is making you feel, and ask her why your sister gets everything but you dont get anything. I told my sister and she then spent a whole day with me and NO boyfriend it was awesome! And talk to your sister about your feelings, and maybe be super nice to your mom and stuff. Hope this helps!!

You need to tell your parents you are having a rough time with your life right now. Parents sometimes don’t consider that their kids might be depressed, so you need to tell them. I’m sure your mom loves you just as much.

God loves you and want you to pray to him! Keep Jesus close to your heart and never stop praying when times get tough.

Tell your mom. if that doesn’t work, film her being unfair. Then show her that.

Please don’t kill yourself pray to God. Your his child. He’s the Shepard and your the sheep. Talk to your mom about this or talk to a consular

ask god to help you with all this

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