Poll: What was the worst thing to ever happen to you?

Finding out my mom has cancer 🙁

My real father’s fiance sabotaged our relationship when I was a teenager and we’ve not spoken since. I’d just connected with him and we contacted each other by way of letters. She, apparently, disliked the thought of him having had a child before she’d met him and she typed a few and addressed them as having come from me. In them, she said some terrible things in my name including that ‘I’ didn’t want to know him for having had sex without the responsibility (in a rather filthy tongue).

My father being out of work for 6 months due to sexual harassment at his former place of employment. I was depressed because I thought we were going to be poor and if that were to happen, I would feel like a low class loser and not enjoy the finer things of life. Luckily we had a lot of savings and he’s in a great job now. 🙂

I got threatened by a creep who said he was armed, when I was a security guard. The worst part was he got away with it. I’m just glad to be alive.

I was arrested on my 18th birthday for something I didn’t do. Couldn’t make bail. Than I found out I lost my job the next day. Great times!

When I was 16 my mom tod me “don’t go out with him he’s a bad boy” so when I ditched school to meet him at the beach a seagull pooped on me!!! Karma is a *****

getting fat after age 30. i knew it was coming. happens to everyone in my family. but it still sucks because of the way people treat you, even people that used to be your friends now don’t like you anymore just because you got fat. i lost it all and gained it back already (100 pounds!,) now i’m trying to lose it again.

Almost getting hit by a car….5 times

Thankfully, and I mean THE THANKFULLY, nothing of that scale ever happened to me, and I hope it won’t. Touch on wood.

When I was a week old I developed pyloric stenosis and then developed hernia.

“Gucci Gucci” started getting played nonstop on the radio.

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