Poll: Who would you rather have as president?

Sarah Palin or Nancy Pelosi?

I…um…if those were the only two choices I would move to Canada.

I can’t stand Pelosi’s attitude and Palin is less knowledgeable about world affairs than I am.

In this scenario, I think a third party candidate would have a great chance to win.

Nancy Palin.

Well, I could choose by qualification or by party. Both would be the same choice. Now if your question is gearing towards which “woman” would make the better President, that’s different. If I could nominate Hillary Clinton- that’s where my vote would go!

Justin Bieber. If Snooki were president, she would legalize every single drug and everyone would be all coked up and sh!t. Wait..maybe that would be a good thing…

sarah palin

nancy pelosi scares me with her creepy smile.

Palin…she is hot

Neither…I don’t like Sarah Palin and idk who the other one is.

both suck


<—- Him.

Vote Osama ’12.

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