Registering for a four year old’s birthday party?!?

Have you ever heard of this? I opened the invite for a birthday party and found that they had registered for gifts? Is this acceptable?

Are they for real? I’d donate to a charity on the child’s behalf.

It is always rude to solicit gifts for any type of social event where you have sent an invitation, including weddings. Technical rules of etiquette deem it unacceptable just to invite people for gifts, as this should be the choice of the person attending. If you didn’t want to invite them, then that’s your choice, but you must take the risk that they won’t bring anything. Otherwise, you’re just having a party for gifts, and that is absolutely uncouth.

Furthermore, for a kids’ birthday party, I think this is the worst show of proving “I want gifts”. I would not attend.

People use them so guests have suggestions what the child would like, and to prevent duplicates. There is some merit to this. But personally, I still would give whatever gift I chose. You don’t say if this is a classmate or how you know this child. If it’s a classmate, my one suggestion is to decide on a price limit. You’re child will be invited to many bday parties in the first few grades. It gets very expensive and it’s hard to keep up.

I have never heard of that one before. However, most people plan to send gifts. I always had trouble knowing what to bring to birthday parties. I think this would be a good idea. Sorry if that offends you or anyone else.

There is never a polite way to ask for gifts. No one
should have to “pay for the privilege” of being invited
somewhere. Presents are great,but people shouldn’t
ever assume that they are ‘owe’ them.

Gift registry services exist for one reason only. To make
money for the stores that promote them. Just because they
are widely used doesn’t make them right.

At first glance I thought you might have had to register with the police for a four year old birthday party.

But in your rational it seems that the invitation is saying they have registered you for a gift to their liking. Good one Moe.

Very cheesy! purely enable human beings comprehend he would not choose that many toys. quite purchase outfits, pajamas, even if he desires. He would not comprehend the adaptation at this age besides. that’s what I did. Granted he nonetheless have been given an excellent form of toys, yet he have been given stuff he needed too.

For real??

I’ve never heard of that. If I were you, I would send regrets on behalf of your child and pass this party by.

That is rude.


It may seem a little extreme, but it makes it easier for you to purchase a gift for the little one that he/she really likes. I know that you would prefer a gift from your heart but some people are really picky and may just toss your gift if it is not one that he or she prefers.

Ive never heard of that before, I think its a little rude. I would never do it.

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